Image by Peppermint Photography, Brisbane


For a lot of people, thinking of hiring a wedding planner is something that seems over the top, expensive and something that’s only for people with huge wedding budgets.

But, truth be told, every single couple we’ve come across that has used a wedding planner – would recommend it in a heartbeat because it was worth every.single.penny.

Here are six reasons why we think having a wedding planner at your wedding day is something you should consider:


gold coast wedding planner - dancing with her


  • A wedding planner is, often, very well connected.
    Whether you’re planning a wedding in your own backyard, or you’re planning an elopement to a city you’ve never travelled too – chances are this is the first wedding day you have planned and you have no idea what vendors are around you.

    And sure, the internet is awash with incredible inspiration but all of it can be a little overwhelming. Do you really know what vendor in your area can get together that incredible tablescape you’ve found on Pinterest?

    A local wedding planner will.

    Also, if they work with specific vendors often you might just find yourself accessing prices that you wouldn’t have been able to get yourself – that’s a win in our books!


  • Wedding planners can keep you on budget.
    We mentioned that they can often negotiate prices that you might not have otherwise been able to access, but they’re also really great at knowing exactly how much things cost and keep you on track in paying off invoices as they pop up.

    If huge spreadsheets and numbers aren’t your thing – pass on the number work and spend more time doing the things you love.


  • A wedding planner has done it all before.
    You’ve got a guest list of 85, do you know what that equates to when planning dessert catering, working out how much to put on a bar tab or something as simple as how many portable toilets you’ll need to have brought in for the celebration?

    A local wedding planner will.

    We know because they’ve done it all before. You’ll feel so much less stressed not having to worry about all the little things.


  • Wedding planners are creative people.
    They’re usually driven by creativity – they want to create something so special and out of the box, just for you.

    Wedding planners know what works, what the trends are and can usually translate your vision into something that exceeds all your expectations.

    If you don’t have a creative bone in your body, maybe it’s best to pay for someone else’s creative mind.


  • Wedding planners are team players.
    A wedding day usually comes with a [very] long list of vendors. The florist, the caterer, the photographer and videographer. You’ll have an officiant, a venue and possibly transport. That’s a lot to organise on the day, especially when you want to be focusing on what the day is really about, your love.

    It’s the job of a wedding planner to orchestrate the chaos, not let you stress, and action plan B if required. They’ll bring together the team perfectly.


  • Lastly, free up time to enjoy your engagement.
    Whether you’ve got a guest list of 20, or 200, planning a wedding is time [and all] consuming. If you’ve got a wedding planner on board planning all the nitty-gritty, you’ll have so much more time to celebrate your own engagement. No phone calls every lunchbreak necessary [unless it’s to tell your soon-to-be spouse how much they mean to you].