There are some wedding traditions that logistically don’t always translate in a same-sex wedding. Take, for instance, the “walking down the aisle” part.

Who goes first? Who walks who? The walking down the aisle part scares the living daylight out of me, what do we do?!

It can be all a little stressful, so we are here to give you a few alternative ideas and help ease the decision making.

Who says you have to walk down the aisle separately?! Do it together.

This one is perfect for the couple who want to share that special ‘first look’ moment in private. If you’re worried you really won’t be able to hold in your emotions when you finally see your bride, this might just be really perfect for you!

See each other, gather yourselves and head down the aisle to your new life chapter hand in hand.

Also, some brides get ready together, so this option just makes sense.

Don’t walk down the aisle at all.

Yep, we said it! Why do you need to walk down an aisle when you could enter from stage left and stage right? Or maybe you could be patiently waiting at the altar before your guests even arrive.

It’s not imperative you walk slowly down the aisle to one another – it’s your wedding day make it suit you.

Have two aisles.

Okay, so you might find yourself really struggling to find a venue that can cater for this, but, we have heard of brides who wed at venues with two aisles. They walk down at the same time, meeting in the middle where they say their vows.

You might need to work out your wedding layout, but it’s totally possible.

One bride goes first, the other goes second.

Not really revolutionary or alternative, but if your parents are set on giving you away and want to walk the aisle with you, or if you’ve just always dreamt of this moment at your wedding, this is an option. It’s totally up to you as a couple to decide who goes first, who goes next.

If you can’t work it out between yourselves, rock paper scissors – best of three, can work it out for you!

Be creative.

Really, who’s stopping you from parachuting into your own wedding? The list of ways to start a wedding off is limited to your imagination. Be yourselves, get creative and do what makes you totally comfortable.


If it’s just you and your bride, then you kind of get to skip the walking down the aisle part.

We’d love to hear from you, how did you end up at the altar? Share your ideas and stories with us below.