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Dancing With Her is a wedding publication dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ women in love – and we love nothing more than to open our inbox and delve deep into love tales.

Whether you’re a loved-up couple who wants to share their story, recently engaged or just had the wedding of your dreams, we want to hear from you! Maybe you’re a photographer or wedding professional who has just put together the most beautiful styled shoot or you’ve got something else you think our audience would love.

We are now accepting submissions for both our online journal and our print magazine.

 Please read our FAQ’s before completing your submission


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Where do you accept submissions?

We only accept submissions that come to us via our online form. We don’t accept submissions via Instagram or Facebook messages. When you’re filling it out, please leave us with as much information as possible – this will speed up the process. 

Do you only feature weddings from Australia/The US?


We share weddings from around the globe; from Hong Kong to The Philippines, Europe to India. Sharing weddings and love stories from all corners of the globe, from people who have diverse religious backgrounds, cultures, and traditions is very important to us.  

Can you give us a ‘shoutout’ on Instagram?

Dancing With Her is a curated feed of stories that have appeared in our blog or magazine and features of wedding vendors that we work with. Although community building is at the core of what we do, we are not a ‘shout out’ account. 

Will you tag our personal accounts on Instagram?

We will always tag your photographer. If you would specifically like us to tag our Instagram account, let us know, but know that it isn’t always possible. 

I have submitted to you, but haven’t heard back. Can I check up on my submission?

We endeavor to get back to everyone, but with the number of emails we get, sometimes it can take time to get back to you – sometimes up to three weeks. If you haven’t heard from us after three weeks, please follow up via email.

Do I need to use an LGBTQ+ identified couple in a styled shoot?

Yep, in fact, if it doesn’t, we’ll decline the submission. 

Sharing authentic representation of diverse communities is super important to us, and so we won’t accept submissions that include models posing as a couple. 

Why didn’t you accept our submission?

We wish we could publish every single story that lands in our inbox. Unfortunately, as a tiny team of two, it’s physically impossible for us to put together a feature for everyone. 

There are lots of reasons why we accept some submissions and not others. Sometimes it is because we already have something similar in the publishing queue, other times it is because we have had too many weddings from your area or because the style doesn’t quite fit into what we are striving to achieve. 

If we decline your submission know it’s not because we didn’t love it – as we said, every story deserves the opportunity to inspire others. 

Can you put our story in the magazine?

We only publish around 40 weddings in our print magazines each year, and each magazine is curated to include diversity in sexuality, culture, religion, colors, style, budget, locations, …the list goes on!

We will ask you if you would like your submission to be considered for print, digital, or both and we will take that into consideration. However, we will make the final decision. 

How long will it take to publish our story?

It depends.

It will take us some time to gather all the information that we need and get permissions that we need to publish. From there it’ll go into the publishing queue and it could be anywhere between 2 weeks and 3+ months before it is featured.

It depends on what else is going on for us and what other stories are in the queue before yours. 

Will you feature our wedding on Facebook and/or Instagram?

Maybe, but maybe not too. 

We publish, on average, two posts to Instagram & Facebook a day, which makes it impossible to post every single story into the feed. 

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