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Kari & Rina – Cultivating A Wedding Day That is Personal

In culturally significant attire, a nod to Rina’s Indian heritage, and Kari in a white suit, they hosted a wedding that reflected them and their relationship perfectly.

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Ash & Sasha – Being the Non-Gestational Parent of Twins

Ash and Sasha used a private sperm donor to conceive their twins. Ash watched their wife carry the babies, and speaks of their experience as the non-gestational parent.

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Laura & Sarah – A Small Boho Backyard Wedding

Laura and Sarah are the classic story of falling in love with your straight best friend. Only it turned out, the feelings were mutual.

Eva & Samantha

The forest held host to this Adelaide wedding ceremony, but the couple’s very own backyard was the most fitting place to really throw their wedding reception.

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Kayla & Sharna

Kayla and Sharna met at softball, so it was fitting that their proposal incorporated that too. They married in Adelaide in a relaxed and fun wedding day.