Photographer on Hermitage Hunter Valley lesbian two bride Mrs & Mrs wedding Dancing With Her magazine
Angela & Tori

A magical Hunter Valley wedding day. With a guest list of just thirty, Angela and Tori celebrated in an intimate, whimsical, ceremony and reception.

Krista Hawryluk Photography lesbian two bride Canada Canadian gay elopement wedding Dancing With Her directory
Jen & Sky

Jen and Sky met on a dating app and opted out of a big wedding, choosing to instead elope in Canada with some of their closest loved ones.

Thomas Frank Photography lesbian two bride same-sex couple wedding Kangaroo Island Dancing With Her magazine
Amy & Bec

While Amy and Bec struggled through times where their family didn’t support their same-sex marriage, their wedding day showed nothing but love and support.

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Bella & Lindsey

A heartwarming story of two army vets who met while in Afganistan and denied their feelings for the sake of not compromising the rest of their deployment. Here’s their love story, through their eyes.