Surprise Engagement Shoot in the Snow - Dancing With Her - Denver Colorado LGBTQ+
Heidi & Julia – A Surprise Proposal in the Rocky Mountains

Avalanches and waist-deep snow wasn’t enough to get in the way of Julia’s surprise proposal, which was captured perfectly by a hidden photographer.

Rocky Mountains Lesbian Elopement - Adventure Instead - Dancing With Her
Ash & Bree – An Adventure Elopement at the Rocky Mountains

Deciding that their commitment to marriage was something personal, Ash and Bree eloped while hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Same-Sex Love Story in a Brewery - McKenzie Bigliazzi - Dancing With Her
Abbey & Bree – Overcoming Self-Reliance for Love

They were just teens when they met and even though neither of them was entirely out at the time – it’s been a rollercoaster of love since.

At first their families weren't supportive of their relationship, but over time, through rough patches, they've come to be more supportive.
Cinthia & Dulce – Long-Distance Love & Unsupportive Parents

At first their families weren’t supportive of their relationship, but over time, through rough patches, they’ve come to be more supportive.

Rocky Mountains Lesbian Wedding in a National Park - Liz Osban Photography - Dancing With Her
Ciera & Taylar – A Wedding in the Rocky Mountains National Park

These two lovers got engaged while hiking & their wedding day had a similar feel – it was a DIY boho-inspired day in the Rocky Mountains.

Lesbian Hiking Proposal in Denver Colorado - Dancing With Her
Lauren & Kate

A hiking proposal in Denver, Colorado and a COVID-safe, social distancing engagement party – this is what engagements look like in 2020!

Colorado Snow Elopement Lesbian Wedding - Dancing With Her - Kelly Balch Photography
Hilary & Jess – A Grand Lake Elopement

It wasn’t their first plan, but Hilary & Jess’ emotional elopement with family at Grand Lake, Colorado [on a frozen lake!] was so perfectly them.

Bailey Cross Photography - Colorado Wedding Photography - Dancing With Her (2)
Ashleigh & Quincy

Celebrating two years of love with a photography session, these two queer lovers met in Tennessee, knew one another for five years before their love story began.

LGBTQ Lesbian Wedding Photographer Creede Chapel Colorado America EJ Dilley Photography camping outdoors Christian church Dancing With Her
Holly & Kelly

Holly and Kelly have a shared love of camping, and so they got stuck into numerous DIY projects to bring their camping inspired wedding day in Colorado.