An intimate lesbian outside mountain wedding
Megan & Roxy’s Tale of Mountains, Movies, and Marriage

Megan and Roxy, united by a passion for horror movies and the Blue Ridge Mountains, share their journey from college friends to life partners. Their intimate mountain wedding symbolizes their deep connection and commitment to each other’s happiness.

A romantic lesbian beach wedding on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria
Amanda & Carol ‘s Wedding Tale on the Bellarine Peninsula

Amanda and Carol transformed their work friendship into a lifetime partnership. Their DIY wedding on the Bellarine Peninsula was a blend of nostalgia, family values, and personal touches, celebrating love in its most genuine and joyful form.

A romantic lego themed garden wedding
Dorothy & Lauren’s Badoo Love Story and Enchanting Garden Wedding

Dorothy and Lauren’s love blossomed on Badoo, leading to a whimsical garden wedding at Terrain. Their day was filled with Lego-themed decor, heartfelt vows, and a celebration of their unique journey from digital connection to marital bliss.

A romantic lesbian wedding outside in the desert in Zion Red Rock, America
Melissa & Caity’s Magical Desert Wedding at Zion Red Rock

Melissa and Caity’s wedding at Zion Red Rock Oasis was a blend of desert charm and heartfelt moments. From their AmeriCorps meeting to dual proposals in Idyllwild, their story is a testament to love’s adventurous spirit.

A gorgeous Indian cultural lesbian wedding
Lili & Sana’s Sweet Robotic Start to Bollywood Beats

Lili & Sana’s enchanting love tale blends cultural traditions with a modern twist, and celebrates love with Bollywood beats at their lesbian wedding.

A fun and bright lesbian wedding
Ellyn & Elyse’s Unconventional Wedding Journey

For Ellyn and Elyse, the goal of their wedding was simple: to invite their loved ones into their world. It was less about fitting into the traditional mold and more about authentic expression.

A trans-inclusive wedding captured by The Lavender Haze
A Love Story 18 Years in the Making

From high school sweethearts to a magical engagement and a wedding that celebrated Juniper & Lauren’s queerness. Join them as they share their 18-year journey of love, laughter, and finding the perfect harmony in each other.

An intimate and gorgeously simple lesbian wedding
Love, Surprises, and a Mountaintop Proposal

Angelica & Hayley’s beautiful story of how they went from swiping right on Tinder to a surprise proposal atop a mountain peak. Their journey of love and celebration is filled with precious moments, stunning scenery, and invaluable advice for planning your own unforgettable wedding.

A lesbian bohemian vintage wedding
A Double Proposal to a Perfect Wedding

From missed trails to dual proposals, Dani & Lina’s love prevailed. And discover how their perfect wedding unfolded, embracing earth tones and vintage romance amidst breathtaking views.

A Mixed Culture Wedding Celebration in the South Of France
Stephanie & Tirupa’s Queer Hindu Wedding

Stephanie & Tirupa’s unforgettable wedding. Fusing cultures and creating representation, their mixed culture wedding became a beautiful fusion of Indian, French, and English traditions, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.