A Queer Bangladeshi Wedding - Lesbian Backyard Wedding
A Thoughtful Book Inspired Backyard Wedding

After realizing that Salsabil’s dream of wearing a Bangladeshi saree to the wedding ceremony couldn’t happen, they put feelings aside and hosted a wedding, inspired by books and filled with DIY projects, to life.

Outdoor Queer Wedding at Hillside Acres
A Queer Wedding with Subtle Hints of Pride

This outdoor wedding at Hillside Acres, Canada, had subtle hints of pride throughout.

An Dreamy, Intentional Wedding Day at Lovingston Winery
An Dreamy, Intentional Wedding Day at Lovingston Winery

With warm light their inspiration, Dan and Lauren shared a dreamy wedding day at Lovingston Winery, that was intentional in every aspect.

A lesbian DIY rainbow wedding captured by Translucant Photography
A Magical Lesbian Love Story and Wedding Filled with Love and Support

Rachael and Bee’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of love, family, and LGBTQI+ pride. From the Rhododendron Gardens ceremony to The Woolshed reception, every detail was thoughtfully planned, including a rainbow entrance, DIY projects, and emotional vows. Rachael and Bee’s advice to couples planning their own weddings is to stay true to themselves and always come back to the love that brought them together.

A lesbian DIY beach wedding in Victoria, Australia
A Love Story 9 Years in the Making

Jess and Alahana’s lesbian wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and music, complete with personalized DIY touches and a custom-made flute key ring. The couple’s unique personalities shone through in every aspect of the day, and they will remember it fondly for years to come.

lesbian backyard wedding in Pheonix Arizona
Falling in Love With Your Best Friend

After being best friends for years, Jordan and Paola fell in love. They hosted the boho backyard wedding of their dreams.

A Budget DIY Wedding in Scotland
Jill & Jo – A DIY Wedding in Scotland

In a venue that wasn’t typically a wedding venue, Jill and Jo pulled together a budget DIY wedding celebration that was a whole lot of fun!

Lesbian wedding in Portland America captured by Emily Kranyak Photography (1)
Alix & Molly – A Relaxed Backyard Fairytale Wedding

Alix and Molly decided to host their soft, feminine wedding in their parents backyard – it made for their perfect relaxed DIY wedding day.

Lesbian wedding in Maine York USA captured by Hope Allison Photography
Amanda & Brenna – A Queer Garden Cocktail Wedding

High school sweethearts that met at softball practice, Amanda and Brenna, and hosted a queer…

Lesbian DIY Boho South African wedding captured by Grace Charlotte Photography
Brittany & Samantha – A Chic Boho Wedding in Cape Town

In a chic-boho inspired wedding, surrounded by DIY projects and their favorite people, Brittany and Samantha had their enchanted Cape Town wedding day.