A fun lesbian outside wedding in New South Wales, Australia
Charity and Peta’s Intimate Elopement at Goosewing Cottage

harity and Peta’s elopement encapsulates true love and individuality. Their wedding at Goosewing Cottage, documented by Cavanagh Photography, began from a serendipitous meeting on a Contiki tour to a deeply personal and heartfelt celebration of their union.

A heartfelt queer elopement in Southwestern Ontario, Canada captured by Frances Beauty Photography
AM and Cody’s Intimate Wedding Story

Celebrate AM and Cody’s love story as they navigate the challenges of a pandemic wedding. From heartfelt vows to a cozy pizza party, their intimate day will fill your heart with joy and leave you inspired by their resilience.

An intimate and gorgeously simple lesbian wedding
Love, Surprises, and a Mountaintop Proposal

Angelica & Hayley’s beautiful story of how they went from swiping right on Tinder to a surprise proposal atop a mountain peak. Their journey of love and celebration is filled with precious moments, stunning scenery, and invaluable advice for planning your own unforgettable wedding.

A Queer City Wedding in Adelaide
An Emotional City Wedding in Adelaide

After meeting online, and dating in a committed relationship for nine months before meeting, they fell in love all over again when they finally met. They married in Adelaide.

A romantic New Mexico wedding
A Puzzle Proposal and a New Mexico Wedding Day

Gabs & Sara explore the complexities of falling in love with a friend and the challenges that come with it. They dive into the intricacies of navigating these romantic feelings while maintaining a strong friendship, and offer tips on how to approach this situation with grace and honesty.

A Dreamy Elopement in Acadia National Park

Nicole and Shannon shared an emotional, private elopement in Acadia National Park, finding the perfect ceremony spot on the beach.