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Fun colorful gay wedding in Ontario Canada captured by Cara Chapman Photography (1)
An Eclectic Outdoor Wedding at Small Talk Vineyards, Ontario

Emily and Tarisa chose an outdoor wedding at Small Talk Vineyards, and then chose a brand new last name to celebrate their union.

Maryland Lesbian Wedding - Kenz and Nick - Brunch Wedding Inspiration
Amber & Joanne – A Garden Wedding in Maryland

An organic proposal led to Amber and Joanne bringing to life their garden wedding day in Maryland – a wedding they decided to hold at brunch.

Emily Tingley Photography - Same-Sex Wedding - California - Dancing With Her
Chantelle & Chelsea – A Outdoor Wedding in California

Chantelle & Chelsea met at a tattoo studio, but wouldn’t start dating for a number of years. They celebrated their wedding with their 8-year-old daughter by their side.