Lesbian Elopement

A Fun Alternative Lesbian Elopement - California - Dancing With Her
Karina & Stacie – A Quirky Backyard Elopement

In their own backyard, they had a first look, rode rollerskates into the sunset and spent the night calling family to tell them of their new commitment.

San Franscisco Same-Sex Elopement - California Redwoods - Dancing With Her
Margaret & Petya – Wedding Vows Among the Redwoods

The pandemic canceled wedding plans twice, however third time was a charm. They spent the day exploring San Francisco and ended their day amongst the Redwoods of California sharing intimate vows.

Portland Covid Beach Elopement - Same-Sex Wedding - Dancing With Her
Cassi & Greta – A Beach Elopement on Zoom

Covid changed their wedding plans, and instead of a big celebration, Cassi and Greta eloped, and had their loved ones stream in live on Zoom.

Covid Wedding - Forest Hiking Wedding - Queer
Gina & Melissa – A Meaningful Mountain Elopement

Gina and Melissa shared a meaningful mountain elopement in Asheville, surrounded by nature they set intentions and became wives.

UC Berkeley Lesbian Elopement - Liv With The Lens - Dancing With Her
Carolina & Julia – An Intimate Wedding at UC Berkeley, California

They had planned a small wedding, but COVID meant that their plans were stalled. They married anyway in an intimate ceremony in California.

Rocky Mountains Lesbian Elopement - Adventure Instead - Dancing With Her
Ash & Bree – An Adventure Elopement at the Rocky Mountains

Deciding that their commitment to marriage was something personal, Ash and Bree eloped while hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

Santorini Same-Sex Elopement - Lesbian Wedding - Dancing With Her
Eider & Marta – A Santorini Elopement

Marta & Eider’s story is one of true love, but also a symbolic message for equality. They chose to elope to the picturesque Santorini, Greece.

New York City Skyline Elopement - Micro Wedding - LGBTQ Wedding
Laura & Nicole

Laura & Nicole thought for a moment that a fancy big wedding would be the way to go, but eventually decided on a micro-wedding on the NYC High Line.

Colorado Snow Elopement Lesbian Wedding - Dancing With Her - Kelly Balch Photography
Hilary & Jess – A Grand Lake Elopement

It wasn’t their first plan, but Hilary & Jess’ emotional elopement with family at Grand Lake, Colorado [on a frozen lake!] was so perfectly them.

White Lane Studio Photography - Byron Bay Elopement - Australia - Two Brides
Gwen & Chelsea – A Byron Bay Rainforest Elopement

Gwen & Chelsea decided to elope. In Byron Bay, they shared vows in a rainforest before they celebrated with champagne and dinner.