Lesbian Love Story

Unsupportive Family and Parents - Dancing With Her - LGBTQ - Lesbian Love Story
Cindy & Jessica – A Vow Renewal & Unsupportive Parents

Their love developed quickly, and at times they faced the challenges of having unsupportive parents. They share their love, their wedding and vow renewal.

Same-Sex Wedding inspiration in Germany - Lesbian Wedding - Dancing With Her
Annika & Jessie – Challenges Moving in Together

Annika & Jessie started a relationship long-distance, and when the time came to move in together it had its challenges.

American Mexican Cultural Love Story - LGBTQ - Dancing With Her
Brittany & Patty – An American-Mexican Love Story

Patty was born in Mexico, Brittney, America. Their cultural differences have been both a challenge in their relationship and one of the best things for it.

Lesbian Engagement at Coney Island - Dancing WIth Her (1)
Emily & Maddie – Love at Coney Island

Emily and Maddie met on a Halloween Bar Crawl, so it made sense that their first date was Halloween themed. They celebrate their love at Coney Island.

Moving Countries to be Together - Berlin Street Engagement Shoot - Dancing With Her
Anna & Maja – Moving Countries to be Together

These two Berlin based entrepreneurs fell for each other, literally. They reconnected at a basketball tournament and have move countries to be together