Lesbian gay family, baby maternity announcement Maryland Carnival captured by Olive Mint Photography (1)
Annie & Kiite – A Queer Pregnancy Announcement

This colorful queer pregnancy announcement, at an amusement park, celebrates Annie, Kiite and their growing baby girl.

Lesbian brides beach wedding in Annapolis Maryland captured by Barbara O Photography
Jane & Meredith – A Weekend Long Wedding Party

After a planned mutual proposal, Jane and Meredith celebrated their love over an entire weekend – playing softball and throwing a BIG party!

Maryland Lesbian Wedding - Kenz and Nick - Brunch Wedding Inspiration
Amber & Joanne – A Garden Wedding in Maryland

An organic proposal led to Amber and Joanne bringing to life their garden wedding day in Maryland – a wedding they decided to hold at brunch.

Queer Intimate Wedding in Baltimore - DIY Wedding
Kelly & Laurie – An Intimate Wedding in Baltimore

They did want to skip a wedding alltogether, but they eventually decided on an intimate wedding with just a handful of their favorite people.