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LGBTQ+ Honeymoons in Tulum, Mexico

It certainly isn’t one of those ‘hidden gems’ that some people love to escape to, but Tulum, Mexico, is an LGBTQ+ honeymooners paradise that you might not have heard about but certainly need to!

Gay lesbian beach wedding in Bucerías, Mexico (1)
Meg & Sarah – Choosing to Walk Down the Aisle Together

After 9 years together, it only seemed fitting that Meg and Sarah got ready together on their wedding day, and walked down the aisle hand in hand.

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Janeth & Mayra – A Mayan Wedding in Cancun with Two Brides

Janeth and Mayra were married on the beach in a Mayan ceremony conducted by a Shaman. It was spiritual, emotional and perfectly them.

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Daria & Olga – A Wedding of Two Russian Women in Mexico

In Russia, their home, it is illegal for Daria and Olga to marry. Knowing they wanted to spend their lives together, they decided to elope to Mexico.

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Alejandra & Erika – A Colorful Intimate Wedding in Mexico

Surrounded by a handful of loved ones and their favorite animals, Alejandra and Erika married in an intimate ceremony in their home town of Puebla, Mexico.

Rigoberto Herrera lesbian same-sex couple Mexico Mexican engagement proposal Dancing With Her magazine
Caitlyn & Susana – A Proposal In Mexico City

Susana could tell on the very first date that it was hard for Caitlyn to understand her thick Spanish accent, but it didn’t stop them from falling in love.

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Adrienne & Leilani – A Mexican Proposal

Adrienne and Leilani, who hail from California, met on the dance floor almost four years ago & a proposal went without a hitch, on the beach with tequila.