New Jersey

Fourteen Acres Photography lesbian two women gay same-sex beach engagement proposal New Jersey USA (1)
Kelly & Mariangela – A Custom Sentimental Engagement Ring

After they both found themselves forming a friendship supporting one another through unhappy relationships, their chemistry became undeniable.

A Sweet Focus photography New Jersey USA lesbian gay lgbtq+ wedding marriage Dancing With Her magazine
Sarah & Victoria – A Huge Bridal Party & A Barn House Wedding

With eighteen bridespeople and a 4:45am start, Sarah and Victoria had their dreamy rustic barn house wedding day in New Jersey.

Grace Brown Photography lesbian gay same-sex couple two women in love New Jersey City USA engagament proposal Dancing With Her online wedding directory & magazine
Samantha & Teffa – Surviving Lockdown & Getting Engaged

It was during lockdown together that Samantha and Teffa fell deeper in love with one another. They talked about getting engaged and each planned a proposal to make it happen.

Arianna & Kim – A Christmas Morning Proposal

Catching Arianna of-guard, Kim planned a proposal video with all their family and friends that she showed her lover of Christmas morning.

Saltwater Studios Photography Cape May New Jersey USA lesbian gay Italian wedding Dancing With Her
Alyssa & Torie

These two lovers decided to propose to each other, together – on a cliff early in the morning. They also chose to have some other non-traditional elements to their wedding day.

Allie Wynands photography lesbian gay brewery engagement proposal New Jersey Dancing With Her magazine
Alexis & Lauren

Alexis and Lauren are a lesbian couple who love beer. What better place than a brewery to propose, and head back to for their engagement session!