New Mexico

A authentic two bride small wedding in New Mexico, USA
Taryn & Alexis’ Whirlwind Romance and Magical Wedding Adventure

Discover Alexis and Taryn’s wedding journey, from college encounters to unforgettable proposals. Their intimate day, filled with joy, laughter, and personalized touches, exemplifies the beauty of love in every form. Dive into their story of togetherness and celebration.

A Romantic Proposal in Taos, New Mexico
From Long-Distance Love to Forever

Cierra and Jenna’s love story is a beautiful example of two women falling in love and committing to each other. Their engagement and upcoming wedding in the Canadian Rockies will surely inspire.

A romantic New Mexico wedding
A Puzzle Proposal and a New Mexico Wedding Day

Gabs & Sara explore the complexities of falling in love with a friend and the challenges that come with it. They dive into the intricacies of navigating these romantic feelings while maintaining a strong friendship, and offer tips on how to approach this situation with grace and honesty.

Boho Wedding at Hotel Luna Mystica Taos with Two Brides
A Boho Wedding in Taos New Mexico

A very boho wedding at Hotel Luna Mystica in the desert of Taos New Mexico with Airstreams!

New Mexico Barn Wedding with two brides
Courtney & NJ – A Rainy Day Wedding in a Barn

The rain didn’t stop Courtney & NJ having the intimate wedding of their dreams in a barn in New Mexico.

Lesbian brides desert elopement in Tao New Mexico
Nik & Nini – A Second Marriage and Unlearnings

For Nini this was a second marriage, coming into it with a child. For Nik, there were challenges of an autoimmune disease. But, they’ve overcome it all.

Gay couple hugging on the side of the road after their wedding.
Bethany & Hailee – Planning in Elopement in Less Than a Month

A big wedding never felt right, so on a whim, one bride brought a dress and hours later a date was set. They planned their entire New Mexico elopement in less than a year.