New York City

Adrienne & Ryan – Playing Pacman and Proposing

Adrienne and Ryan met on a fated Ultimate frisbee trip, assigned to be co-coaches of a college B-team. They were instant friends and went on their first date a little less than a week later.

Luxury suprise lesbian proposal on the beach in Queens New York City photographed by Dawnpoint Studios
Meaghan & Selena – A Luxury Picnic Proposal

After meeting on Tik Tok, Selena planned a proposal in 3 days, hiring a luxury picnic company and organizing a butterfly entrance with music playing in the background.

Aimlee Photography New York City rooftop lesbian elopement Dancing With Her
Kaylee & Suz – A New York City Rooftop Elopement

Kaylee & Suz met at a queer prom, fell in love and chose to elope to New York City and share their vows up top a rooftop – intimate and perfect.

Jeri Stein Photo New York America lesbian two brides engagement proposal Dancing With Her Magazine
Sarah & Steph

Steph chose a family holiday to New York City at Christmas to propose to the woman of her dreams in Central Park. The weather wasn’t perfect, but the moment was.

March 13 Photography New York City lesbian gay queer couple engagement proposal Dancing With Her wedding directory
Alison & Beth

For some it’s all about the diamond engagement ring, for others, it’s a mutual decision to take the next step in their lives together. We sat down with Alison and Beth, two women wildly in love, about their relationship and why a big emphasis on a proposal just wasn’t them.