Outdoor Wedding

Creative Colorful Wedding Shot on Film
A Creative Colorful Wedding Shot on Film

Creatives at heart, Becka and Julianna shared a colorful wedding at Outdoor Art Club, California, that was entirely shot on film.

A modern lesbian wedding after meeting on Bumble
Roller Skating, Wine Tasting, and Surprise Picnics

Discover Lauren & Mallory’s roller skating adventures, wine-tasting surprises, and heartfelt moments as they share the unforgettable journey of our proposals and wedding day.

Outdoor Queer Wedding at Hillside Acres
A Queer Wedding with Subtle Hints of Pride

This outdoor wedding at Hillside Acres, Canada, had subtle hints of pride throughout.

An Dreamy, Intentional Wedding Day at Lovingston Winery
An Dreamy, Intentional Wedding Day at Lovingston Winery

With warm light their inspiration, Dan and Lauren shared a dreamy wedding day at Lovingston Winery, that was intentional in every aspect.

10 Years and Counting: A Romantic Journey from Friendship to Forever
10 Years and Counting: A Romantic Journey from Friendship to Forever

This is a heartwarming story of a decade-long relationship that culminated in a beautiful wedding celebration at Loloma Lodge. The couple’s DIY approach to their wedding allowed them to involve friends and family in creating a special and intimate atmosphere. The day was filled with love, laughter, and unexpected moments, including facial glitter that everyone couldn’t resist.

A Beautiful Colorado Mountain Elopement
Adventure, Love, and Mountains: A Beautiful Colorado Elopement

Discover Samantha and Ashley’s breathtaking Colorado elopement, filled with adventure, love, and stunning scenery. From exchanging heartfelt vows by a peaceful river to enjoying a romantic picnic among the aspen trees, their day was a beautiful celebration of their unique love.

A Instagram love story turned magical wedding in California
Our Unintentional Love Story

Jamie and Jessica’s heartwarming love story, who found each other unintentionally through a hashtag on Instagram in 2012, and got married in 2022. Despite facing financial struggles, personal struggles, and deaths in their family, they persevered and planned a beautiful wedding in Nestldown in Los Gatos, surrounded by Redwood Trees.

A Garden Party Wedding in Finland
A Garden Party Wedding Weekend

After two and a half years together, Veera and Oili had a garden party wedding in Finland. A celebration of love surrounded by dancing, swimming and good food.

Dreamy Elopement and Sunset Vows in the Olympic National Park
A Dreamy Elopement at Olympic National Park

Melanie and Chelsea married in the Olympic National Park. They had an intimate first look, a beautiful ceremony by the lake, and exchanging personal vows during the dreamy sunset.

lesbian backyard wedding in Pheonix Arizona
Falling in Love With Your Best Friend

After being best friends for years, Jordan and Paola fell in love. They hosted the boho backyard wedding of their dreams.