Personal Story

married with kids and in love with a woman
Married with Kids, and in Love with a Woman

Bina and Ellen shared a 21-year friendship before their feelings developed. Bina was 16 years into a marriage with a man, and had two children at the time.

Lesbian Enagagment Photography Session - Dancing With Her (1)
Amanda & Heidi – Struggles with Religion and their Sexuality

These two lovers met at church, but a toxic relationship with religion kept their love at a distance for a long time. They’ve overcome the world to be together..

Married to a Man but in Love With a Woman - Queer Story
Married to a Man, But in Love With a Woman

Figuring out your sexuality isn’t ever an easy journey, and when you live in foster care and you’re afraid for your safety, it can feel impossible. For Kayla, it was a long journey of self-discovery.

Married and Still Bisexual - Dancing With Her
Identity: Married, and Still Bisexual

A personal story about one womans journey of identity. She’s married to a woman, but still identifies as bisexual & doesn’t want to erase that identity.