A romantic lego themed garden wedding
Dorothy & Lauren’s Badoo Love Story and Enchanting Garden Wedding

Dorothy and Lauren’s love blossomed on Badoo, leading to a whimsical garden wedding at Terrain. Their day was filled with Lego-themed decor, heartfelt vows, and a celebration of their unique journey from digital connection to marital bliss.

A surprise lesbian proposal in the Dolomites, Italy
Abbie & Lucy’s First Date to Fairytale Proposal in the Dolomites

Abbie & Lucy’s surprise proposal in the Dolomites. Amidst hilarious challenges like sneaking the ring and evading photography, their engagement symbolizes a beautiful new chapter in Spain or Italy, surrounded by loved ones.

A romantic lesbian love story turned intimate wedding
Jillian and Louise’s Inspiring Wedding Journey

Follow Jillian and Louise’s journey, from a chance meeting in Patagonia to a heartfelt proposal and a magical backyard wedding in 2022.

A Lesbian Love Story with a Bachelor Twist
A Lesbian Love Story with a Bachelor Twist

Experience the heartwarming journey of Emily and Kristi, two elementary school teachers whose friendship evolved into a beautiful love story. From bonding over The Bachelor to a surprise proposal with a Final Rose Ceremony theme, their engagement is a testament to love, friendship, and happily ever afters.

A romantic surprise lesbian proposal in Paris
A Surprise Proposal in Paris

Alice and Akshata’s love story is a beautiful reminder of how magical love can be. Their surprise proposal in Paris, captured by a photographer, is a testament to the fact that the most unforgettable moments in life often happen unexpectedly.