Queer Engagement

Gay love story Bremerton USA captured by Marvena Pimper Photography (1)
Rebecca & Rylie – Reconnecting With a High School Crush

Rebecca crushed on Rylie from afar in high school, closeted and afraid to be themselves. It wouldn’t be until years later that they’d reconnect and fall in love.

Queer gay couples gothic surprise proposal in conservative USA Savannah
Ariel & Jade – A Gothic Inspired Proposal Photoshoot

With a coffin-shaped engagement ring box, Jade surprised Ariel during a photoshop by getting down on one knee and asking, ‘will you marry me?’

A Queer Proposal in Tennessee - Same-Sex Engagement - Dancing With Her
Lilian & Tasha – A Queer Proposal in Tennessee

Their love story isn’t one of those ‘love at first sight’ stories, instead it’s one about building a solid foundation of friendship before anything else.