Queer Wedding

Billie Porter Christian Siriano Tuxedo Dress - Wedding Dress Inspiration
A Queer Wedding and a Billie Porter Tuxedo Dress

In a Tuxedo Dress inspired by Billie Porter’s Christian Siriano Outfit, and a lace gown, these two brides married in Lacuna Lofts, Chicago

A Modern Queer Bridal Photoshoot
Planning a Gender-Neutral Wedding

Creating a gender-inclusive wedding space is really easy. Like, really, really easy. If you’ve got…

A Queer Bangladeshi Wedding - Lesbian Backyard Wedding
A Thoughtful Book Inspired Backyard Wedding

After realizing that Salsabil’s dream of wearing a Bangladeshi saree to the wedding ceremony couldn’t happen, they put feelings aside and hosted a wedding, inspired by books and filled with DIY projects, to life.

A Vegan, Queer, Space-Inspired Wedding
A Vegan, Queer, Space-Inspired Wedding

This queer, vegan, space-inspired wedding, complete with a rocket arbor, was perfectly Jacqui & Francesca.

An Eclectic Cottage Wedding in Washington
An Eclectic Cottage Wedding in Washington

On a cloudy and overcast day in midsummer, Rachel and Mekala gathered with their families and friends and said their “I do’s” in a gorgeous, eclectic cottage wedding.

An intimate queer wedding on the West Coast
Rachel & Susannah – Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming so many obstacles, like long distance, cancer, death and career change, Rachel and Susannah have always allowed space for each other, strengthening their foundation to marriage.

Boho Wedding at Hotel Luna Mystica Taos with Two Brides
A Boho Wedding in Taos New Mexico

A very boho wedding at Hotel Luna Mystica in the desert of Taos New Mexico with Airstreams!

Martine Payne photographed this gorgeous lesbians small wedding in New South Wales Australia
Bec & Carla – A Relaxed Wedding in Camperdown Commons

Surrounded by family and friends, with no obligatory invites, Bec and Carla shared a relaxed wedding in Camperdown Commons in Sydney.

Lesbian wedding in Maine York USA captured by Hope Allison Photography
Amanda & Brenna – A Queer Garden Cocktail Wedding

High school sweethearts that met at softball practice, Amanda and Brenna, and hosted a queer…

Gay lesbian beach wedding in Bucerías, Mexico (1)
Meg & Sarah – Choosing to Walk Down the Aisle Together

After 9 years together, it only seemed fitting that Meg and Sarah got ready together on their wedding day, and walked down the aisle hand in hand.