A fun lesbian outside wedding in New South Wales, Australia
Charity and Peta’s Intimate Elopement at Goosewing Cottage

harity and Peta’s elopement encapsulates true love and individuality. Their wedding at Goosewing Cottage, documented by Cavanagh Photography, began from a serendipitous meeting on a Contiki tour to a deeply personal and heartfelt celebration of their union.

An adventurous lesbian mountain elopement in Whistler, Canada
Karen and Samantha’s Magical Mountain Elopement in Whistler

Karen and Samantha’s elopement transcends a traditional wedding. From a corn maze romance to a mountaintop vow in Whistler, their journey reflects love’s resilience, intimate celebrations, and the beauty of saying ‘I do’ in nature.

A romantic lesbian love story turned intimate wedding
Jillian and Louise’s Inspiring Wedding Journey

Follow Jillian and Louise’s journey, from a chance meeting in Patagonia to a heartfelt proposal and a magical backyard wedding in 2022.

An intimate New York City Hall lesbian elopement
From an Engagement in Paris to a Whimsical NYC City Hall Elopement

In just two years, Kam & Kara’s love story blossomed from a chance meeting during clinical rotations to a spontaneous elopement at NYC City Hall.

A moody romantic lesbian wedding in Collingwood, Melbourne
Rhiannon & Toni’s Dazzling Wedding of Love & Surprises.

Twirl through Rhiannon & Toni’s love tale: from flirty app beginnings to their unforgettable wedding bash. Colour pops, sentimental moves, and a surprise serenade—this duo knows how to set the dance floor ablaze!

An intimate queer wedding in San Francisco USA
Jewels & Maddie’s Intimate San Francisco City Hall Wedding

From sipping lattes in Ottawa to twirling in San Francisco’s grand halls – Maddie and Jewels are serving major love vibes!

A Puerto Rico small lesbian wedding
Cherese & Valentina’s Journey of Love & Acceptance

Cherese and Valentina triumphed over challenges, embracing their love story with resilience. Their journey led to a cherished Puerto Rican wedding, a testament to their enduring bond.

A modern lesbian wedding after meeting on Bumble
Roller Skating, Wine Tasting, and Surprise Picnics

Discover Lauren & Mallory’s roller skating adventures, wine-tasting surprises, and heartfelt moments as they share the unforgettable journey of our proposals and wedding day.

A heartfelt queer elopement in Southwestern Ontario, Canada captured by Frances Beauty Photography
AM and Cody’s Intimate Wedding Story

Celebrate AM and Cody’s love story as they navigate the challenges of a pandemic wedding. From heartfelt vows to a cozy pizza party, their intimate day will fill your heart with joy and leave you inspired by their resilience.

A romantic military lesbian wedding
Stacey and Paulina’s Extraordinary Love Story

Join Stacey and Paulina on their extraordinary journey of love, where military life, undeniable chemistry, and a leap of faith brought them together. From a cheeky kiss to a breathtaking wedding day, their story will warm your heart and inspire you to embrace love’s unexpected twists.