A modern and unique lesbian styled shoot in Utah, America
Capturing Love and Fashion in this Unique Tennis-Inspired Shoot

Discover the inspiration behind this unique tennis-themed photo shoot, where fashion meets fun. Learn how they blend documentary and editorial styles to capture the essence of this couple’s unique story.

A gorgeous lesbian city wedding in the USA
Caitlyn and Farris’s Love Story & Wedding

Discover Caitlyn and Farris’s love-filled journey from high school acquaintances to life partners. From a snowy New Year’s Eve encounter to a heartfelt proposal in Maine.

A romantic whimsical lesbian wedding in Iceland
The Unveiling of a Lesbian Styled Wedding Amidst Iceland’s Majestic Beauty

Discover the magic of a lesbian styled wedding in Iceland, where love intertwines with the beauty of the landscape. Uncover the inspiration that brought this enchanting celebration to life, embracing nature’s allure and heartfelt connections.

A romantic lesbian wedding in Colorado's Rocky Mountains
Kat & Sierra’s Rocky Mountain Wedding

Get ready to dive into the heartwarming journey of a lesbian wedding! From a chance encounter on HER to unforgettable moments and a dreamy proposal, join us as we celebrate love, laughter, and cherished memories. Get inspired for your own special day and embrace the beauty of love.

A stunning lesbian Italian wedding
Nina & Petra’s Dream Wedding in Sardinia

Nina & Petra’s love story began in a Zumba class and blossomed into a decade-long adventure. To Sardinia, where they celebrated their dream wedding surrounded by nature, and relaxed vibes.

neutral elopement at Bunny Hill Weddings
A Neutral Elopement with Beige, White and Cream Colors

With simple and delicate styling, this romantic and feminine elopement is brought to life

Philippino couples Sydney elopement
A love Story and Elopement Adventure

Criselda & Nikki eloped to Sydney for their wedding due to the lack of acceptance of same-sex unions in the Philippines. They share their intimate moments and future plans of traveling the world and living in a place where they can be themselves.

A beautiful humanist wedding ceremony
From Getting Together to Wedding Planning

For Jess and Alice, getting together was a whirlwind of emotions and life changes, but it brought them an indescribable feeling of safety, happiness, and magic. They opted for a humanist wedding ceremony that reflected their personalities and love story, with their closest friends and family witnessing their union.

A romantic New Mexico wedding
A Puzzle Proposal and a New Mexico Wedding Day

Gabs & Sara explore the complexities of falling in love with a friend and the challenges that come with it. They dive into the intricacies of navigating these romantic feelings while maintaining a strong friendship, and offer tips on how to approach this situation with grace and honesty.

Dreamy Elopement and Sunset Vows in the Olympic National Park
A Dreamy Elopement at Olympic National Park

Melanie and Chelsea married in the Olympic National Park. They had an intimate first look, a beautiful ceremony by the lake, and exchanging personal vows during the dreamy sunset.