A small Australian lesbian wedding on a farm
From High School Crushes to a Magical Wedding

Ebony & Hannah met in high school and defied the odds to build a lasting relationship. From a secret proposal with a viral video to a heartwarming wedding on a family farm.

humanist elopement at isle of skye
A Humanist Elopement at the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Katelyn and Katie had a dreamy, intimate wedding in the Isle of Skye, Scotland – a humanist ceremony with a handfasting ceremony to seal the union.

A Budget DIY Wedding in Scotland
Jill & Jo – A DIY Wedding in Scotland

In a venue that wasn’t typically a wedding venue, Jill and Jo pulled together a budget DIY wedding celebration that was a whole lot of fun!

South African and Scottish lesbian couple getting married in Scotland Edinburgh
Blending Scottish and South African Traditions into a Wedding

Christine and Mandy celebrated with a rustic wedding in a castle that blended their Scottish and South African heritages.

Skye Elopement Shoot Quiriang Old Man of Storr Meggy Mac Photography lesbian same-sex gay couple Scotland Europe elopement wedding Dancing With Her magazine
An Inspired Adventure Elopement in Scotland

This inspired elopement celebrates LGBTQ+ love and the incredible scenery of the Isle of Skye and shows that not all elopements need to be fancy or expensive.