A surprise lesbian proposal in the Dolomites, Italy
Abbie & Lucy’s First Date to Fairytale Proposal in the Dolomites

Abbie & Lucy’s surprise proposal in the Dolomites. Amidst hilarious challenges like sneaking the ring and evading photography, their engagement symbolizes a beautiful new chapter in Spain or Italy, surrounded by loved ones.

A romantic lesbian wedding inspired by Bridgerton
Angela & Michelle’s Meteor Shower Proposal and Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding

From shooting stars to a breathtaking proposal, Angela and Michelle’s love story is straight out of a fairytale. Follow their Bridgerton-inspired wedding journey, discover the perfect outfits, and get ready to be swept away by the enchantment of their magical day.

A lesbian wedding in Tuscany
A Love Story Starting at the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup

Katrina & Kim’s wedding story that began with playful banter and long legs at the Women’s Lacrosse World Cup. From schnapps surprises to enchanting proposals, this love story is a whirlwind of romance, and happily ever after.

Highschool sweetheart lesbian elopement
Ceirra & Rhiannon’s Magical Elopement

From a haunted trail to a surprise proposal, Ceirra & Rhiannon’s elopement in Oregon becomes a magical celebration of their love.

Lesbian wedding in Kansas, USA
A Serendipitous Lesbian Romance and Unforgettable Wedding

Taylor and Kelsey’s wedding was a modern, industrial affair with a touch of romance, filled with surprises and heartfelt moments.

A romantic surprise lesbian proposal in Paris
A Surprise Proposal in Paris

Alice and Akshata’s love story is a beautiful reminder of how magical love can be. Their surprise proposal in Paris, captured by a photographer, is a testament to the fact that the most unforgettable moments in life often happen unexpectedly.