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Lauren & Nernwon – Two Surprise Proposals on the Same Day.

Both proposals were surprises, that happened to be planned on the very same day. Nernwon…

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Abbey & Dre – A Farmhouse Wedding in Arizona

Abbey and Dre shared a farmhouse meets boho – indoor/outdoor wedding day in Arizona, surrounded by their loved ones.

Suzy Goodrick Photography American wedding photographer Dancing With Her
Alice & Shannon

Alice and Shannon are in their 50’s but they shared a wonderfully romantic wedding day under the stars in Sedona surrounded by 50 of their favorite people.

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Advice about Wedding Photography from Wedding Photographers

Wedding planning can feel overwhelming, so we sat down with some wedding photographers for their best wedding advice about wedding photography.

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What does a Wedding Photographer do on the Wedding Day?

We chatted with some wedding photographers and asked; what does a wedding photographer do on the wedding day and beyond?

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How much does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

If you haven’t already asked yourself this question in wedding planning, we know you will; how much does a wedding photographer cost?

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What Wedding Photographers wish you knew about their job

We sat down with some wedding photographers and asked them to debunk some myths around what a wedding photographers job really entails.

Suzy Goodrick Photography United States of America lesbian same-sex wedding Dancing With Her
Alleah & Emily

Dancing With Her Partner Suzy Goodrick captured Alleah and Emily’s garden inspired wedding in Phoenix and states this was definitely one for the books!