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Modern Queer Wedding with LGBTQ Values
A Modern Queer Wedding With Values

Angela and Emily chose to incorporate many values into their wedding that were important to them, like honoring the LGBTQ+ community

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Kate & Stacey- A Timeless Boston Wedding, Planned in Just Four Months

Kate and Stacey chose to plan and execute their wedding day in only four months. This short time frame took nothing away from their timeless wedding, which was full of unique twists, tradition and all of their loved ones.

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Advice about Wedding Photography from Wedding Photographers

Wedding planning can feel overwhelming, so we sat down with some wedding photographers for their best wedding advice about wedding photography.

What does a Wedding Photographer do on the Wedding Day - Jessica Manns Photography
What does a Wedding Photographer do on the Wedding Day?

We chatted with some wedding photographers and asked; what does a wedding photographer do on the wedding day and beyond?

how much does a wedding photographer cost?
How much does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

If you haven’t already asked yourself this question in wedding planning, we know you will; how much does a wedding photographer cost?

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What Wedding Photographers wish you knew about their job

We sat down with some wedding photographers and asked them to debunk some myths around what a wedding photographers job really entails.

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April & Jennifer

Every relationship is a story. While there is plenty in each story that we can’t control, there are moments when we get to make decisions about the kind of story a relationship will become over time. When it comes to our relationship, April and I both believe this love is our masterpiece.