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A Queer Bangladeshi Wedding - Lesbian Backyard Wedding
A Thoughtful Book Inspired Backyard Wedding

After realizing that Salsabil’s dream of wearing a Bangladeshi saree to the wedding ceremony couldn’t happen, they put feelings aside and hosted a wedding, inspired by books and filled with DIY projects, to life.

A Modern Queer Bridal Photoshoot
A Modern Queer Bridal Photoshoot

This modern, editorial-style, bridal photoshoot celebrates the love between queer lovers. Wearing unique white gowns and holding large bouquets.

My Lover Cindi was the perfect venue for Kate & Rach to host their modern disco wedding - with bright florals, confetti and neons.
A Modern Disco Wedding at an Adelaide Nightclub

My Lover Cindi was the perfect venue for Kate & Rach to host their modern disco wedding – with bright florals, confetti and neons.

Kathleen Whittemore Photography captured this fun romantic Canadian lesbian queer love story in Newburgh New York USA
Emily & Shannon – Finding Queer Love at Work

They met at a local craft brewery, while working together. Eventually Shannon made their move, and Emily reciprocated. It’s been a wild, deep and effortless love

Lesbians wearing two suits at their wedding in the Southern Highlands NSW captured by Michael David Grey photography (1)
Liz & Olivia – A Farm Wedding With Wildflowers

Inspired by their surroundings, Olivia’s family farm, Liz and Oliva hosted a down-to-earth, rustic wedding day – both wearing suits!

Photographer Kassia J San Francisco lesbian queer non-binary love beach USA photography Dancing With Her (3)
Brooke & Sunshine – Celebrating Love at Sunset in San Francisco

Wearing their senior year gowns, Brooke and Sunshine celebrated overcoming the challenges that pandemic has posed and their love for one another.

Allison Kazmierski font and figure photography lesbian gay queer they them her she Dancing With Her magazine
Mel & Tiffany – When The Timing of Love Isn’t Right

Mel and Tiffany fell in love long before they eventually became exclusive. But, the timing wasn’t right – although they never game up on each other.

Alicia Sessler photography USA Seattle forest woods lesbian gay queer elopement Dancing With Her magazine (1)
Lizzy & Lydia – Casual Vows, Wedding Day Pottery & Takeout

On a sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, Lizzy and Lydia exchanged vows in a casual ceremony and spent the afternoon alone soaking up their love.

Annamarie Trank PHOTOGRAPHY lesbian queer lgbt+ couple winter America USA engagement proposal snow Dancing With Her magazine (1)
Kameron & Megan – A Proposal and a Long-Distance Relationship

Despite the challenges that Covid has placed on them, including being thrust into a long-distance relationship, Kameron and Megan are engaged.