An intimate lesbian elopement turned four day party
Karen & Kat’s Journey to Forever

Karen and Kat’s love story began at Toronto Pride in 2017, leading to an intimate elopement surrounded by nature, family, and friends. Their journey, from a chance meeting to celebrating with loved ones, embodies true love and deep connection.

A surprise lesbian proposal in the Dolomites, Italy
Abbie & Lucy’s First Date to Fairytale Proposal in the Dolomites

Abbie & Lucy’s surprise proposal in the Dolomites. Amidst hilarious challenges like sneaking the ring and evading photography, their engagement symbolizes a beautiful new chapter in Spain or Italy, surrounded by loved ones.

A dark, moody and gothic lesbian styled wedding in the USA
A Styled Shoot Inspired by Netflix’s Wednesday

Step into the magical world of Wednesday and Enid as a real-life married couple brings their love story to life in a captivating styled shoot. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of romance, friendship, and whimsy, inspired by the beloved characters from Netflix’s Wednesday series.

A lesbian elopement in Italy
Lesbian Elopement in Italy with a Twist

Jen and Carly, found love in the midst of lockdown chaos. Their romantic elopement in Italy, complete with rain-soaked vows and unexpected twists, proves that love conquers allโ€”even in the most unpredictable times.

A Lesbian Military couples romantic elopement
A Military Couple’s Journey of Enduring Commitment and a Whimsical Elopement

From a non-traditional engagement to coping with distance as a military couple, follow their journey of love, commitment, and overcoming obstacles. Discover the beauty of their elopement and the strength of their bond.

Gabi & Shanna's World Pride elopement in Sydney, Australia
Gabi & Shanna’s Journey of Queer Joy and Non-Traditional Wedded Bliss

With a seven-year journey and a non-traditional elopement for world Pride in Sydney, Australia, Gabi and Shanna embrace queer joy and share their love story with us.

A lesbian elopement wedding in Sitges, Spain
A love Story of Long-Distance and a Destination Wedding in Spain

Michaella and Amelia’s love story is a beautiful tale of adventure and commitment. Despite living in different countries, they found each other through a dating app and quickly formed a deep connection. They traveled the world together and overcame visa issues to finally marry in Sitges, Spain.

A romantic surprise lesbian proposal in Paris
A Surprise Proposal in Paris

Alice and Akshata’s love story is a beautiful reminder of how magical love can be. Their surprise proposal in Paris, captured by a photographer, is a testament to the fact that the most unforgettable moments in life often happen unexpectedly.

A beautifully intimate queer elopement
Love Without Bounds: The Intimate Elopement of Jess and TT

Jess and TT, two online content creators and makeup artists, eloped in an intimate ceremony focused on their love for each other. After three failed proposals, the couple decided to forego a traditional wedding and opt for a simple, yet beautiful, vacation with a wedding.

Philippino couples Sydney elopement
A love Story and Elopement Adventure

Criselda & Nikki eloped to Sydney for their wedding due to the lack of acceptance of same-sex unions in the Philippines. They share their intimate moments and future plans of traveling the world and living in a place where they can be themselves.