Lesbian beach engagement proposal in Seattle Washington USA captured by Tori Osteraa Photography
Bri & Fiona

Dive into an emotive journey of love, transcending norms. ‘Uncharted Hearts’ unveils a queer romance that challenges conventions and celebrates boundless affection.

A intimate lesbian elopement in Big Sur, California
A Lesbian Elopement Filled with Romance and Adventure

We first met and started dating on September 29, 2019. We got engaged a year…

Relationship challenges to forever love
Blind Contour Drawings and Wedding Rings: A Love Story

Sloan and Stephanie met in a dive bar in Seattle and have been together for almost 15 years. From making each other’s wedding rings to overcoming challenges together, their love has grown and evolved over time.

An Eclectic Cottage Wedding in Washington
An Eclectic Cottage Wedding in Washington

On a cloudy and overcast day in midsummer, Rachel and Mekala gathered with their families and friends and said their “I do’s” in a gorgeous, eclectic cottage wedding.

Washington D.C. USA lesbian US Navy proposal engagement captured by Mermaids Reel photography (1)
Andrea & Emily – Four Years of Long Distance to Marriage

After Emily’s original proposal, their relationship was long distance for nearly four years because of their careers.

Two lesbian brides adventure hiking elopement in the North Cascades National Park USA captured by The Foxes Photography
Katie & Nora – A Hiking Elopement at North Cascades National Park

Eight miles, that’s how long Katie and Nora hiked (the last 2 miles in their wedding gowns) to say ‘I do’ at the magnificent North Cascades National Park.

Two lesbian brides one in a tux another in a jumpsuit at their wedding in Seattle Washington (17)
Cori & Jess – A Tux & a Bridal Jumpsuit

Cori and Jess felt pressure to wear dresses on their wedding day, but quickly realized what was really right for them – a white tux and a bridal jumpsuit.

Marla Manes Photography Femme queer LGBTQIA+ plus Brides Seattle Washington USA Dancing With Her wedding magazine
Aliah & Emma – The Challenges of Being Non-Monogamous

This simple styled elopement celebrates the love of Aliah and Emma who have had to overcome the challenges of being non-monogamous in their new relationship.

Kelly F. Peterson lesbian two brides family ceremony photography Dancing With Her magazine
Ewelina & Michelle – A Family Uniting Ceremony with Four Children

After years of friendship, and supporting one another after through painful divorces, Ewelina and Michelle held a family uniting ceremony with their four children.

Ariena Photography Washington USA lesbian gay queer Filipino wedding marriage Dancing With Her lgbt magazine
Chloe & Gerone – An Emotional Wedding in Washington

After just five months of dating Gerone proposed – when you know, you know. They married in Washington, their emotional ceremony preceded one epic celebration of their union.