Wedding Advice

What Does a Wedding Celebrant Do?

A wedding celebrant does so much more than just perform a 15-30 minute ceremony on the wedding day – we asked Lucy Suze, a Sydney celebrant what else her job is.

Everything You Need to Know About a Wedding Celebrant

What does a celebrant do? How much does a celebrant cost? What questions should you ask a wedding celebrant before you hire them? – all valid questions, and we’ve got the answers!

Lesbian engagement, elopement and wedding Oklahoma photographer Grayson Taylor Photography
Meet, Grayson Taylor Photography. An Oklahoma Inclusive Photographer

Photographer Grayson (she/her), of Grayson Taylor Photography, describes herself as an inclusive storyteller and captures incredible love stories in Oklahoma and beyond.

What Queer Weddings Are Teaching Me About Marriage

Growing up queer, and accidentally landing a job as a wedding photographer, Hank Paul of Henry Paul Photography has learnt the meaning of marriage by capturing LGBTQ+ weddings.

The Pressure of a Perfect Wedding Day

There’s so much pressure around how to have the ‘perfect’ wedding day, but what if we told you that every wedding is ‘perfect’?

How to Walk Down the Wedding Aisle as a Same-Sex Couple - Lesbian Wedding Inspiration
How to Walk Down the Wedding Aisle as a Same-Sex Couple

Some wedding traditions don’t always translate directly when planning a same-sex wedding. The ‘walking down the aisle’ part is one of them.

How much does a wedding celebrant cost in Australia?
How Much Does a Wedding Celebrant Cost?

When you start wedding planning, and thinking about the wedding budget, you’re bound to wonder; how much does a wedding celebrant cost?

wedding advice about wedding photoraphy - kelly balch photography
Advice about Wedding Photography from Wedding Photographers

Wedding planning can feel overwhelming, so we sat down with some wedding photographers for their best wedding advice about wedding photography.

What does a Wedding Photographer do on the Wedding Day - Jessica Manns Photography
What does a Wedding Photographer do on the Wedding Day?

We chatted with some wedding photographers and asked; what does a wedding photographer do on the wedding day and beyond?

how much does a wedding photographer cost?
How much does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

If you haven’t already asked yourself this question in wedding planning, we know you will; how much does a wedding photographer cost?