A romantic lesbian love story turned intimate wedding
Jillian and Louise’s Inspiring Wedding Journey

Follow Jillian and Louise’s journey, from a chance meeting in Patagonia to a heartfelt proposal and a magical backyard wedding in 2022.

An intimate New York City Hall lesbian elopement
From an Engagement in Paris to a Whimsical NYC City Hall Elopement

In just two years, Kam & Kara’s love story blossomed from a chance meeting during clinical rotations to a spontaneous elopement at NYC City Hall.

An intimate queer wedding in San Francisco USA
Jewels & Maddie’s Intimate San Francisco City Hall Wedding

From sipping lattes in Ottawa to twirling in San Francisco’s grand halls – Maddie and Jewels are serving major love vibes!

A Puerto Rico small lesbian wedding
Cherese & Valentina’s Journey of Love & Acceptance

Cherese and Valentina triumphed over challenges, embracing their love story with resilience. Their journey led to a cherished Puerto Rican wedding, a testament to their enduring bond.

An intimate and gorgeously simple lesbian wedding
Love, Surprises, and a Mountaintop Proposal

Angelica & Hayley’s beautiful story of how they went from swiping right on Tinder to a surprise proposal atop a mountain peak. Their journey of love and celebration is filled with precious moments, stunning scenery, and invaluable advice for planning your own unforgettable wedding.

A Magical Lesbian Wedding in Sayulita, Mexico
A Magical Wedding in Sayulita, Mexico

Starting from a chance meeting at a coffee stand to a picturesque wedding in Sayulita, Mexico. To their heartfelt proposal, vibrant wedding outfits, and the magical ambiance of their beachside celebration.

A lesbian elopement wedding in Sitges, Spain
A love Story of Long-Distance and a Destination Wedding in Spain

Michaella and Amelia’s love story is a beautiful tale of adventure and commitment. Despite living in different countries, they found each other through a dating app and quickly formed a deep connection. They traveled the world together and overcame visa issues to finally marry in Sitges, Spain.

A beautifully intimate queer elopement
Love Without Bounds: The Intimate Elopement of Jess and TT

Jess and TT, two online content creators and makeup artists, eloped in an intimate ceremony focused on their love for each other. After three failed proposals, the couple decided to forego a traditional wedding and opt for a simple, yet beautiful, vacation with a wedding.

A fall wedding in a Santa Ynez, California vineyard
Dream Fall Wedding at Gainey Vineyard

Join Monica and Brittany in reliving the magic of their beautiful fall wedding at Gainey Vineyard in Santa Ynez, California. The celebration of love, family, and LGBT+ equality was a dream come true for the couple, and they couldn’t be more grateful for the memories created.

A beautiful humanist wedding ceremony
From Getting Together to Wedding Planning

For Jess and Alice, getting together was a whirlwind of emotions and life changes, but it brought them an indescribable feeling of safety, happiness, and magic. They opted for a humanist wedding ceremony that reflected their personalities and love story, with their closest friends and family witnessing their union.