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Motorbikes, Smoke Bombs and Wedding at The Guild Hall, UK

Motorbikes, Smoke Bombs and Wedding at The Guild Hall, UK

Gay Lesbian wedding in Portsmouth United Kingdom captured by Mark Horton Photos

Non-traditional in every aspect, Charlotte & Laura held a The Guild Hall wedding that had motorbikes, smoke bombs, leather jackets and tartan wedding outfit.

Tell us about the proposal.

I knew Charlotte was my one, and the year before, I jokingly got her to choose a ring at Christmas. Little did she know I spent seven months paying it off and getting the perfect ring. During this time, I also got myself out of any debt, and then all I needed was for us to live together (her must-haves that she laid out when we first met). Covid hit, and I chose to move into her flat with Lola, our dog, and we continued to look for a place to rent, which we soon did. 

Now that I had ticked all the boxes and had the ring, I needed to ask her parents’ permission. So we went around for a coffee in the garden. Her dad was working away, so I asked her mum as Charlotte was inside.

I was ready to propose on our anniversary picnic at the haunted ruins we’d been to on our first date. My mum had helped me get everything ready, and it was a gorgeous day.

We set off to the Racton Ruins, and we hit traffic. Sitting there for an hour in standstill traffic, thinking both sets of parents must be wondering what’s going on, Charlotte randomly announces, ‘wouldn’t it be awful to get engaged during lockdown.’ (Charlotte now can’t remember ever saying this). My heart sank with the ring burning a hole in my pocket suddenly felt unneeded, but I decided to see how the picnic went. We eventually got to the ruins, where five men were filming a climbing video. I decided the world was not on my side. 

We snuck through a hedge for our picnic, and oh my god, the view was stunning! With the sun shining right on us. Compared to the dark, dank ruins, I knew it was right. Then at that moment, a butterfly came to sit beside us. I always think of my granny when a butterfly is nearby, and I thought it is now or never. We rang and told our parents and celebrated with beers. And the rest is history. 

Talk to us about your experience finding the perfect outfits.

L: There was only ever one place I wanted to buy my wedding suit from, and that was my favorite company, Twisted Tailor. Then on the morning of the wedding, Charlotte gave me a box with gifts which included a brooch with a picture of my granny so she could be by my side. 

C: I always knew what sort of dress I wanted. Lol also treated me to a pair of Vivienne Westwood ballet pumps for the ceremony, and I changed into converse for the evening. Afterward, I donated my dress to a bridal charity shop, and I hope someone else gets as much joy out of it as I did. 

Talk to us about the wedding day! 

The night before, we rushed around getting The Guildhall set and everything in Dell Quay so it could be laid out in the morning. 

I then stupidly had a skinful with my folks and neighbor, so I woke up at 5.30 am for a quick 5K around the village.

We set the venue up, which was fine but stressful. My parents and Amy (best lady) were legends and Tom Preece, our second photographer, even helped. Then we rushed home to get ready. I blow-dried Amy’s hair and styled everyone else – never a day off! After that, I had lunch and saw my sister, niece, and nephew.

Then we were off driving to Chichester – me, the organized one finishing my speech on the way. We pulled up outside the salon where our family friend Dave was waiting to take me to Guildhall with his Triumph. All the staff at the salon waved me off. 

All my family and friends were there when we pulled up outside, which was great. I then went and stood with Dad when it suddenly hit me “I’m getting married” not once was I nervous. This was right. Charlotte is my one. As Dad walked me down the aisle, I could feel he was bursting with pride. I saw Charlotte walking down the aisle, and my heart could have exploded. She looked phenomenal – just perfectly gorgeous, and I could see she just needed to be in my arms. I took hold of her, and that’s where she’s been ever since. 

Gay Lesbian wedding in Portsmouth United Kingdom captured by Mark Horton Photos

Photography by Mark Horton Photos

Cake Saz Cakes and Bakes
Cake Topper Frances Huddleston
Catering Mesa Catering
Ceremony Venue The Guildhall
Florist The Wild Florist
Makeup Victoria Oke Makeup
Shoes Dr. Martens, Vivienne Westwood
Suit Designer Twisted Tailor

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