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The Road to Parenthood as a Queer Family – IVF Journey

The Road to Parenthood as a Queer Family – IVF Journey

Meg Champ photo captured this beautiful LGBTQ+ Queer lesbian maternity family shoot in Chilliwack Canada (23)

After two rounds of IVF that didn’t end in pregnancy, it was third time lucky for queer parents, Courtney and Vanessa.

Talk to us about your decision to start a family. How did you go about the process? And how did you make decisions around things like who would carry? 

Courtney– I have always wanted kids. I made it very clear when we first met, and Vanessa decided she did too! Since Vanessa is older, we knew we had to freeze her eggs immediately. After we froze the eggs, we began the process. Vanessa has never wanted to carry, and I always have, so this decision was the easiest part of the process.

Tell us about the road to conceive. Were there any challenges or setbacks along the way? Was it what you expected?

Honestly, the road has been bumpy. We walked into IVF very naive, thinking everything would just…. work because I was healthy and young. This was obviously not the case. After two failed IVF attempts, what felt like 1 million needles + medications, our 3rd finally, and thankfully, has been a success *touch wood*. The process was not what we expected as doctors truly don’t hold your hand. You’re honestly pretty much left alone to figure everything out. In the end, everything has worked out, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. We are just so so thankful for this opportunity.

How has the pregnancy been for you both? As a carrier and as the non-carrying parent?

Courtney– The first trimester tried to kill me physically and emotionally. The second trimester has been amazing!

Vanessa– I might be scared of my wife now.

What are you looking forward to the most?

Vanessa is most excited just to have her here and take her camping! I am most excited just to hold her and bundle her up for long walks. We are just so excited for every single little moment.

Photography by Meg Champ

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