So, you’ve started to book in a few key vendors and it’s time for the (not so dreaded) cake choosing! We’ll let you in on a little secret – there are a lot of decisions you’ll need to agree on when choosing which wedding cake style suits you best.

We’ve teamed up with Melbourne based, Mad About Cakes, to go through a few different cake styles that will help you get started on getting together the perfect wedding cake!


The Traditional

Smooth white fondant and a tower of tiers at least three high are trademarks of a traditional wedding cake. Traditionally you’d find a rich fruit cake inside, although these days it is more likely to be a mud cake of some variety.

Mad About Cakes - Wedding Cake

Something More Modern

A modern take on the traditional wedding cake usually means there are still those signature smooth finishes, but spiced up with different shapes and bold patterns. Patterns are really dependent on trends and what suits each couple best – we’ve seen everything from marbles and watercolours to hand-painted floral designs.

Mad About Cakes - Wedding Cakes - Melbourne

The Semi-Naked

Hands down one of the biggest cake trends that certainly doesn’t look like it’ll be shying away anytime soon! Without the heavy icing, you can put a light sponge inside, tier it, or don’t – options are really endless. We usually find that semi-naked cakes are adorned with florals, it’s a great way to tie together

semi-naked wedding cake - melbourne - mad about cakes

Silver or Gold

Metallic wedding cakes are something we’ve been able to do from time to time – whether it’s a solid gold or silver it’s all edible and often adds a real layer of class.

The Cupcake Tower

Cutting up the wedding cake is often tedious, cupcakes take all that stress away. You can still add a smaller cake to the top of the tower if you really wanted a cutting of the cake ceremony and let guests grab a cupcake as they please.

The Desert Bar

Skip the cake and hit up the dessert bar! Just because someone suggested that there should be a wedding cake certainly doesn’t mean there has to be a wedding cake. If you didn’t plan on cutting the cake together, we can guarantee that guests won’t miss out on the tradition – instead, they’ll be delighted to see different deserts to pick and choose from. It also means that if you couldn’t decide on flavours or textures, you can have them all!

dessert bar - mad about cakes - dancing with her


You can find Melbourne based, Mad About Cakes on our online directory, HERE