Words by Maria Pellicano, Melbourne wedding singer & voice coach.

Choosing to have a live singer at your wedding is like choosing to have fresh flowers instead of plastic or fabric imitations. No matter how beautiful the flowers may look, nothing compares to having fresh scented flowers delivered and arranged by a professional florist.

Just like fresh flowers, live music is all about the presence of something organically, genuinely real and in its natural form. When you choose to have a live singer and musician at your wedding, you are allowing an exchange of natural sounding beauty and freshness that creatively influences the atmosphere. It’s in real time, and you engage deeper because you hear, sense and feel the nuances and breadth of that special moment.

The creative resonances coming from a live voice and instrument has the power, just like an echo, to inspire a multitude of I do’s, for the rest of your life. This can never be compared to recorded music because it is not physically present in body and soul, it’s coming from the past and has been manipulated to sound a particular way that is often not natural and real. It’s invisible and has no connection because it lacks real human presence.

Your very special day is all about love, life and realness. It’s not a fairy tale, book or movie. It’s really happening. It is present and has an electric feel to it, everyone is engaged and part of this wonderful experience. Your wedding ceremony is tangible and memorable, everything and everyone is part of it.

The sound, visuals and feelings are what will be forever remembered. You capture every moment on video and photography. If you could bottle this moment, you would. You want everything to be a symbol of being happy, alive and real. I know this feeling because I have now been married for 27 years and I can remember that day clearly.

Research says we will always remember the feeling of our experience both the good and the bad and that we store feelings based on our visual, auditory and kinesthetic references.

A wedding is all about “I do”. You go to a lot of trouble to have this moment successfully happen. Some of us have planned our wedding for 3-5yrs. It’s one of the most special days of your life. It’s all about the magical words that come from two souls deeply connected who can finally articulate in public and with confidence and certainty the audible “I do”.

Your wedding day is alive, real and fueled to create a destiny that is celebrated for “Your forever”. From the flowers, to the celebrant, the singer, your bridal party and guests, it’s all real and present. It all carries its own energy and gift for your special day. It’s like everyone involved is saying with you “I do”.

When I sing at weddings I bring my voice and music, my heart, soul and energy knowing that I add deep value to the special day that I have been invited to. From the opening to the signing of the register and closing the ceremony is a dance with audible sounds that contribute to“I do”. Recorded music is faceless, and the soul is missing, it lacks creativity because it is not present and it does not speak.