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Kayla & Tricia – A Rustic Boho Outdoor Wedding Day

Kayla & Tricia – A Rustic Boho Outdoor Wedding Day

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Kayla and Tricia always felt like the black sheep in their families, and so creating a rustic boho wedding that was truly reflective of them was most important.

Tell us about the proposal.

It was a very windy day, and like usual, nothing is going as planned. Kayla thought it was just a picnic in the park, and I was overwhelmed. I was overly excited and probably didn’t prepare as much as I could, but it was the thought that counts. We tried eating but then were attacked by bees, and as we were cleaning up, that’s when I decided to pop the question. It was perfect, but we can look back and laugh about it together.

How did you take on wedding planning? 

Planning a wedding is stressful and planning a wedding with so many people and their opinions, even more stressful. Let us just say we never went dress shopping together as a family. We never saw one and others’ outfits until the day before the wedding- other than pictures. We were thankful for the rustic boho vibe look that allowed things to clash beautifully. That was probably the most stressful thing other than our hair and makeup company said they overbooked, and it was going to be one person doing ten looks, oh boy!

We had to improvise and find someone last minute, but everything, in the end, worked itself out.

Our theme was a boho/rustic vibe. The reason we went with that is that it’s more laid back in the sense of things don’t have to fit in a box or match perfectly, and that’s the vibe we get from the boho style because you can mix and match, but in the end, will still look amazing together. 

Did you do any DIY projects to bring the vision to life?

We took on a few, but the venue had most of what we wanted, just added a few little touches. Kayla took these almost stick-like wreaths, wrapped them in two different colors of the wedding, and hung Mrs. and Mrs. lettering in between to go behind our table at the reception. We made our donut wall by getting a decorative board from a crafted door, adding pegs, and some greenery that blended with our floral. Also, we made little signs that went on a wagon that was being pulled and signs for the gift table. We made in remembrance terrariums for our family members no longer with us. Mostly all the DIY items were for decoration for the gift table, the sign-in table, and the favors table.

Talk to us about the wedding day! We want all the details. 

Until the day of, Kayla was honestly stressed out and the planner of everything Tricia was more of the mellow complete opposite. However, this was no the case on the day of the wedding. Many brides won’t eat to fit in their dress, welp not Kayla – she was relentlessly shoving waffles and snacks in her mouth. Tricia was so nervous that she didn’t eat anything until the reception. 

Our hair and makeup artists show up at the hotel to start bright and early on our bridesmaids/bride tribe. We were crunched with time and running into minor issues, but we sorted it all out and walked out the door on time to be shuttled to the venue. 

As we arrived, we scoped the venue to ensure things were set where they needed to be (from what we brought) and everything was perfect. This day was made to be so smooth and straightforward – everyone did their part for the ceremony. No one tripped, our vows were read, and our expectations were overly exceeded. The ceremony was perfect. 

We had a little intermission, enjoyed some snacks and drinks, and then proceeded to take photos as our guests enjoyed the cocktail hour. When it was time for the reception, everything went just as smoothly as the ceremony. We had our first dance and then surprised our moms with a mother-daughter dance, and we proceeded by dancing with our fathers. 

It was time to eat, and we were catered to hand and foot – something we weren’t expecting but enjoyed. The dinner was excellent and followed with a bonfire, desserts, and dancing the rest of the night away. The night was ended with a sparkler exit with our family and friends. 

We honestly can say the night was simple, fun, perfect – but too quick. It was everything we dreamt of and everything we hoped. Until this day we still receive compliments on our wedding and how it has been one of the best weddings many people have ever been to.

What are your favorite moments?

It was being able to have our special day and being in the spotlight – as we don’t get this much. We felt like there were no worries and no stress. It was exhilarating to live in the moment and enjoy every second with our family and friends.

K: Also, getting to cherish time with my cousin Kiarah and my grandma since they have since passed away since our wedding. I honestly wouldn’t have thought it would have been that soon. But I am glad that I have those memories forever. 

Photography by Alexia Marie Photography

Bow Tie Knotty Tie
Cake Petite Madelyns
Celebrant Lisa Smith (family friend)
Samantha Billotte
Dress Designer Galina
Dress Boutique David’s Bridal
Entertainment Celebrations of Tampa Bay
Florist Molly’s Flowers and Events
H&MU Elisa Edwards
Outfits Old Navy
Rings Orospot, Everyday Outdoors
Robin Brown
Shoes Toms
Stationery Minted
Venue FRBW – Prairie Glenn Barn

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