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A Vintage Rock-n-Roll, Tarantino Inspired Elopement

A Vintage Rock-n-Roll, Tarantino Inspired Elopement

Lesbian queer rock n roll 80's wedding elopement in Sheffield UK captured by Photos by Hash (1)

This fun styled elopement has vintage rock-n-roll vibes. A real – just rolled out of bed and fucking married my best friend – type of elopement.

Tell us the inspiration behind the shoot.

I wanted to capture that raw, elopement vibe in the most Vegas way possible but y’know, without flying to Vegas, of course. The idea behind it was to capture a let’s just get fucking married vibe where it was a subtle look. Not too much in your face but more so focused on the fun, free, elopement feeling, focusing on their connection rather than the small details that usually make up a wedding. The aim was to make you be able to feel the authenticity, the just rolled out of bed, chucked on a baggy tee, and gone and married your best friend. It was inspired by 80’s rock n roll music and some classic vintage Tarantino cinematics!

What are the key styling elements of the styled inspiration, and who brought them to life?

The key for me from the start was subtlety, so having the incredible bow veil from Rebecca Anne Designs really pulled it all together. I knew Esme was going to look bridal, we had that planned with the white dress and the white western boots to match the thrift shop, rock n roll vibe, but I wanted the contrast to not just be black vs. white but more rock n roll bridal vs. western. The glasses played a big part in that contrast, too, with Becca wearing pink shades and Esme wearing white shades but pink lenses. Both outfits really brought the feeling to life and matched perfectly with the thrift shops we shot in.

Words by couple Esme & Rebecca

What is your favorite memory together?

A favourite memory together is when Rebecca came to visit Manchester for the first time, met Esme’s friends, went to a vegan restaurant, and holding hands under the table!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

The biggest challenge is Rebecca living in Liverpool and deciding whether to move in together after two months. We decided not to and now sorely regretting it while we wait for Rebecca’s lease to be up so she can relocate to Manchester.

What would you say if you could give your younger selves a pep talk for the future?

Rebecca– Don’t go looking for love. It comes when you least expect it.

Esme– Life is short, be fearless, careless and do what makes you happy.

Tell us your favorite thing about one another.

Rebecca– Esme’s smile and intelligence.

Esme– Rebecca’s accent and humour.

Photography & Planner by Photos by Hash

Outfits ASOS, Vulgar
Shoes Dr Martens
Veil Rebecca Anne Designs

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