A note from the photographer, Marina Rey Photography

“I decided to create this shoot as the representation of diverse couples here in Utah is basically nonexistent.

I wanted couples in the community to know that there are vendors out there that won’t discriminate against them and will welcome them with open arms. I made sure that every vendor wanted to be involved for authentic reasons, to be inclusive to everyone in this community regardless of diversities. As a result, we got some really amazing vendors.

They all went above and beyond to help me put this shoot together, and I couldn’t have done it without them. We reached out to the ‘models’ [AKA a real couple here in SLC!] who were beyond perfect for our shoot as it was based on the play ‘Wicked’.

It’s often rumored that the character ‘Elphaba’ is a metaphor for being gay and for coming out. She represents being vulnerable and accepting yourself for who you are, no matter what people may say. I thought this was perfect for this shoot, and like I said, the models were too perfect.

Ray, the model who represents ‘Elphaba’ in this shoot, is a dead ringer for Idina Menzel who played the original character in the play.

I think this shoot turned out absolutely stunning. I hope that it will find the right people so they can see that there are vendors who care about them and the community. I would be more than happy to take them on as clients in a place that can often be a problem when it shouldn’t be.

Here are the creatives behind the shoot:

Photography & Coordination Marina Rey Photography

Cake Something Frosted
Decor & Rentals The Shabby Chic Sisters
Dress Fantasy Bridal
Florals Simply Beautiful Blooms
Graphic Design & Flag Design Danelle Cheney
H&MU Katina Stephens
Jewelry Anvil Agate
Lovers Ray & Ky
Venue Publik Coffee