A collection of worldwide LGBTQ+ wedding stories.

lesbian wedding at joshua tree, california
A Bi-Coastal Love Story

After overcoming a long-distance relationship, queer lovers, Kelly & Jackie shared an intimate wedding day at Joshua Tree, California.

A lesbian outside wedding in Harvard, Massachusetts
Love Wins: A Stunning Lesbian Wedding Celebration of Commitment and Queer Vendors

Michaella and Carolyn met at work in 2018 and started dating in 2019. They got engaged after two years and decided to wait until October 2022 for their wedding to celebrate safely with family and friends.

An intimate winter destination wedding in Catalonia, Spain
An Intimate Winter Wedding: Celebrating Love and Personalized Details in Catalonia

Alba and Claire’s wedding day was a beautiful celebration of their love, filled with personalized details and thoughtful touches. From the carefully crafted vegetarian menu to the bespoke velvet tablecloths, every detail was designed to reflect their unique personalities and tastes.

A small lesbian wedding filled with dancing in New York USA
From Dancing at a Gay Club to Our Perfect Wedding Day

Inseparable since the day they met, Carl and Andrea’s love story is one for the ages. From a chance meeting at a gay club in Denver to a dreamy wedding day, their journey has been filled with love, joy, and unforgettable memories.

A lesbian elopement wedding in Sitges, Spain
A love Story of Long-Distance and a Destination Wedding in Spain

Michaella and Amelia’s love story is a beautiful tale of adventure and commitment. Despite living in different countries, they found each other through a dating app and quickly formed a deep connection. They traveled the world together and overcame visa issues to finally marry in Sitges, Spain.

A romantic lakeside lesbian wedding in Connecticut, USA
A Beautiful Wedding in Connecticut

Brianna and Mallory, a travel nurse couple from Connecticut, tied the knot in a beautiful lakeside wedding ceremony. Surrounded by their loved ones, they celebrated their love and cherished memories together.

A lesbian DIY rainbow wedding captured by Translucant Photography
A Magical Lesbian Love Story and Wedding Filled with Love and Support

Rachael and Bee’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of love, family, and LGBTQI+ pride. From the Rhododendron Gardens ceremony to The Woolshed reception, every detail was thoughtfully planned, including a rainbow entrance, DIY projects, and emotional vows. Rachael and Bee’s advice to couples planning their own weddings is to stay true to themselves and always come back to the love that brought them together.

A gay wedding under the redwoods forest in California, USA
A Simple and Beautiful Wedding in the redwoods forest in California

Love knows no bounds, and Alyssa and Whitney’s love story is a testament to that. The couple met on Tinder, moved cross-country, and had an unforgettable wedding at a stunning outdoor venue. Their journey to the altar wasn’t without its challenges, but they learned the importance of cherishing loved ones above all else. From the simple wedding theme to the sustainable approach, their wedding day was a beautiful celebration of their love.

A lesbian DIY beach wedding in Victoria, Australia
A Love Story 9 Years in the Making

Jess and Alahana’s lesbian wedding was a beautiful celebration of love and music, complete with personalized DIY touches and a custom-made flute key ring. The couple’s unique personalities shone through in every aspect of the day, and they will remember it fondly for years to come.

Two lesbians getting married in Adelaide, Australia
Finding Unexpected Love and Celebrating with a Perfect Wedding Day

Amy and Hannah’s love story began in a modern way – on a dating app. But from there, their journey took on a life of its own, filled with endless conversations, private luxury wine tours, and a unique proposal with a PowerPoint presentation. Their wedding day was a beautiful celebration, complete with a Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin and a dance floor that went on until midnight. Their love story is a testament to the power of unexpected connections and the magic that can happen when two people just click.