How We Tell Stories

in a way that’s celebratory and inclusive

We accept the following submissions:

  • LBGTQ+ Weddings
  • LGBTQ+ Engagements
  • LGBTQ+ Family Editorials (Fertility Treatments, Adoption, Blended Families …)
  • LGBTQ+ Love Stories (Anniversaries, Vow Renewals …)
  • Styled Inspiration Shoots
  • Editorial Content (Expert Advice, Fashion Launches …)

We accept submissions from couples, lovers and wedding pros from around the world. We tell stories though the voices of its contributors, and aren’t shy about sharing the good, the challenges and everything in between.

and any other content that is applicable to our global – wildly in love – LGBTQ+ audience that is made up predominately of women and nonbinary humans.

A couple stands on the edge of a cliff, overlooking a vast canyon. One person is in a flowing white wedding dress with lace details and is adjusting the fabric of the gown, while the other stands beside them in a dark, elegant dress, looking on. They are both bathed in the warm glow of the sunlight, which casts a soft haze over the scenic landscape. The ground is rocky and uneven, and the expansive view suggests a sense of solitude and grandeur. The atmosphere is serene, with a golden light that gives the scene a dreamy quality.

Photography by Fox & Kin

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We only accept submissions that come to us via our online form.

We don’t accept submissions via Instagram or Facebook messages.

When you’re filling out our submission form, please leave us with as much information as possible.

Absolutely not!

We share weddings from around the globe; from Hong Kong to The Philippines, Europe to India.

Sharing love stories and weddings from all corners of the globe, from people who have diverse religious backgrounds, cultures, and traditions, is very important to us.

No. Dancing With Her is a curated feed of stories that have appeared in our blog or magazine and features of wedding vendors that we work with.

Although community building is at the core of what we do, we are not a ‘shoutout’ account.

We will always tag the photographer, and any creative wedding pros who helped bring the story to life.

Lovers can also be tagged, if that information is shared with us.

We endeavor to get back to everyone, but with the number of emails we get, sometimes it can take time to get back to you – sometimes up to three weeks.

If you haven’t heard from us after three weeks, please follow up via email –

Yep, in fact, if it doesn’t, we’ll decline the submission.

Sharing authentic representation of diverse communities is really important to us, and to our community. So, we won’t accept submissions that include models posing as a couple.

If you need help sourcing an LGBTQ+ couple for your styled shoot, let us know in advance and we will do what we can to help you.

We wish we could publish every single story that lands in our inbox. Unfortunately, we are a tiny team of three humans – it’s physically impossible for us to put together a feature for everyone!

There are lots of reasons why we accept some submissions and not others. Sometimes it is because we already have something similar in the publishing queue, other times it is because we have had too many weddings from your area or because the style doesn’t quite fit into our publication.

If we decline your submission know it’s not because we didn’t love it – as we said, every story deserves the opportunity to inspire others.

We only publish around 20 weddings in our print magazine each year, and each magazine is curated to include diversity in sexuality, culture, religion, colors, style, budget, locations, …the list goes on!

We will ask you if you would like your submission to be considered for print, digital, or both, and we will take that into consideration.

However, we will make the final decision.

It depends.

It will take us some time to gather all the information that we need and get permissions that we need to publish. From there it’ll go into the publishing queue and it could be anywhere between 2 weeks and 3+ months before it is featured.

It also depends on what else is going on for us, and what other stories are in the queue before yours.

Maybe, but maybe not too.

We publish, on average, two posts to Instagram & four to Facebook a day, which makes it impossible to post every single story we share into the feed.

The image captures a tender moment between two women on their wedding day. They are standing on a rocky outcrop, surrounded by pine trees, with a hazy, mountainous backdrop bathed in the warm glow of either a sunrise or sunset. Both women are adorned in non-traditional wedding attire; one is in a voluminous peach-pink tiered gown with ruffled layers, while the other is in a white flowing dress with a translucent shawl draped over her shoulders. They are embracing and sharing a kiss, encapsulating a sense of love and commitment. The bride in pink holds a bouquet of flowers in her hand, with colors that complement her dress. The light infuses the scene with a soft, ethereal quality, highlighting the textures of their dresses and the natural landscape around them. The overall atmosphere is one of romantic serenity and intimate celebration.

Photography by BreeAnna Lasher