• The couple lies on a lace-patterned blanket, facing each other and smiling warmly.

    A Thoughtful Proposal After Breathwork Session, with Family

    A heartfelt breathwork session with friends, ended with a tunnel of affirmations and a thoughtful marriage proposal.
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  • Couple sitting by a pond with a dog, in a tranquil garden setting.

    Falling Back in Love After Breaking Up

    Falling in love was hard, and people around them didn’t accept their relationship. They broke up, but found their way back together
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  • The couple sits on a path, cuddling and smiling at each other, with their golden retriever puppy lying nearby.

    Expanding Their Family with a Dog

    Brandi and Carley decided to expand their family, with a dog – Finley has been the perfect pup and has brought them together as a couple.
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  • The brides share a kiss at the end of the ceremony, surrounded by applauding guests in a beautifully decorated venue with string lights and greenery.

    A Wedding that Incorporates their Chinese and Jewish Backgrounds

    Inspired by love for cozy dinner parties, this wedding was hosted at The Foundry, and was a blend of their Jewish and Chinese backgrounds
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  • The couple shares a joyful moment, holding hands and smiling at each other during their outdoor ceremony.

    An Earthy Outdoor Wedding in Edmonton, Canada

    Allyson and Jenya hired a wedding planner for their rustic, nature-inspired, outdoor wedding in Edmonton, Alberta.
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  • One partner sits on the counter, laughing, while showing ultrasound images to the other.

    Falling Pregnant After Multiple IUI and IVF cycles. 

    After trying multiple IUI cycles, they tried reciprocal IVF, but still no luck. It wasn’t until their 10th try that they’d fall pregnant.
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  • The brides stand forehead-to-forehead, holding hands in front of a backdrop of trees.

    A Wedding Weekend in Bear Creek Lodge, Idaho

    Bear Creek Lodge was the perfect spot for this wedding weekend. Where the two brides worked with inclusive wedding vendors.
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  • The couple dances joyfully on a grassy hillside, surrounded by misty mountains.

    A Personalized Elopement in the Isle of Skye

    Marcella and Natalies elopement in the incredible Isle of Skye, was completely personalized, meaningful and heartfelt.
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  • Two brides exchanging vows by a lakeside, surrounded by a mountainous landscape.

    An Lakeside Elopement in the Glacier National Park

    They always knew that they’d elope, and the mountains and colors for Glacier National Park in the fall was the perfect spot to bring their elopement to life.
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  • An extreme close-up capturing a joyous moment, where the person in the lace dress is laughing, their face partially covered by their hand, as their partner smiles brightly next to them.

    A Meaningful Elopement with a Ring Warming Ceremony

    In Tucson, Tiffany and Lucy shared a meaningful ceremony that included a guided meditation, ring warming ceremony and personal vows.
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