We believe that diversity and representation in the wedding industry is crucial.

In 2016, Founders, Tara Baker and Arlia Hassell became an engaged couple. The first thing they did was head to a large magazine store in search of wedding inspiration.

What they were presented with was a selection of media that left them feeling unrepresented. They felt deflated in a time that should have been about celebration.

And, it’s with that in mind that they began Dancing With Her, a publication, both in digital and in print, that empowers a community of women who love women.

Dancing With Her offers a robust and growing digital space that shares the real stories of couples as well as offering advice to those people who are planning their own wedding day. It’s an opportunity for a community that has otherwise been largely unrepresented within the wedding space to be inspired.

In November 2017, Dancing With Her Magazine was launched and it is the first wedding magazine of its kind. It went off with a bang and now reaches 40+ countries around the globe.

Dancing With Her isn’t a huge media company, instead, it’s just those two humans who were inspired to create something for their own community working from their home office in Dja Dja Wurrung (Bendigo, Victoria, Australia).


Our Commitment to Diversity

Dancing With Her is committed to sharing real love stories of LGBTQ+ lovers from around the world across a whole range of diversities authentically. 

We do not stand for discrimination on any level.

For us, our commitment to diversity extends beyond sharing the stories of sexuality, gender, and body diverse humans. It means sharing the stories of people across a range of intersections; from color of skin, religious affiliations, and abilities, to financial status, mental health status, and cultural diversities. The list is endless.

Dancing With Her will continue to use their platform to share diverse LGBTQ+ love stories authentically. This means, allowing lovers to speak about their diversities in their own words – sharing only what they’re comfortable sharing.

As Dancing With Her grows, they are also committed to hiring diversity and paying fair wages. In the meantime, we are committed to ongoing education with communities outside of our own intersections and diversities.