Queer Love Stories

A collection of (incredible) LGBTQ+ love stories from around the world.

  • Couple sitting by a pond with a dog, in a tranquil garden setting.

    Falling Back in Love After Breaking Up

    Falling in love was hard, and people around them didn’t accept their relationship. They broke up, but found their way back together
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  • The couple lies on a rock, laughing and looking at each other, one person wears a white shirt and the other a floral dress.

    Having Professional Photos for the First Time

    Having professional photos taken together can feeel awkward initially, but they settled in and got some incredible memories captured
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  • Falling in Love and Starting a Business Together

    After falling in love working together, to opening a business together, Eileen and Lauren have spent the last five years building an exciting future together.
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  • Best Friends who (Eventually) Fell in Love

    Dalisse is from Puerto Rico, Rosario from Mexico, and they celebrated their love in this fun photoshoot in the Aspen snow.
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  • An Industrial Disco Wedding In France

    Deborah and Marion were models for this inspired lesbian wedding that brings to life disco pink colors, with a real industrial and street vibe in Le Récept’, France.
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  • Falling in Love Long-Distance, in Different Countries

    They met online, and despite being in different countries, built a relationship based on trust and communication.
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  • Finding Forever Love at 15

    Despite meeting at just 15, they’ve overcome the world and put so much work into their relationship for it to flourish today
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  • Soft whispers and tender moments define this intimate encounter between two women in a snowy cityscape.

    A Boston City Photoshoot in the Snow

    Cayla and Leah fell in love on Instagram and celebrated their queer love in a city photoshoot around Boston on a snowy day.
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  • Amy & Lani – A Very Colorful Inspired Elopement In California

    After two years of long-distance dating between Japan and California, Amy and Lani celebrate their love in this colorful styled elopement
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  • Living Together After a Long Distance Relationship

    After braving a long-distance relationship, Kylie and Olivia are excited about the next steps; living in the same city, and moving in together.
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