Queer Elopement Stories

A collection of (meaningful) LGBTQ+ elopements stories from around the world.

  • The couple dances joyfully on a grassy hillside, surrounded by misty mountains.

    A Personalized Elopement in the Isle of Skye

    Marcella and Natalies elopement in the incredible Isle of Skye, was completely personalized, meaningful and heartfelt.
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  • Two brides exchanging vows by a lakeside, surrounded by a mountainous landscape.

    An Lakeside Elopement in the Glacier National Park

    They always knew that they’d elope, and the mountains and colors for Glacier National Park in the fall was the perfect spot to bring their elopement to life.
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  • An extreme close-up capturing a joyous moment, where the person in the lace dress is laughing, their face partially covered by their hand, as their partner smiles brightly next to them.

    A Meaningful Elopement with a Ring Warming Ceremony

    In Tucson, Tiffany and Lucy shared a meaningful ceremony that included a guided meditation, ring warming ceremony and personal vows.
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  • The bride reads her vows while her partner listens intently, against a mountain backdrop.

    An Intimate Elopement in Colorado during Fall

    With the colors of fall around them, Dani and Sadi wed among the mountains, just them and their photographer
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  • Two women embracing on a rocky outcrop during sunset, with one woman wearing a black suit and the other a black dress. They are set against a mountainous backdrop.

    An Adventurous Hiking Elopement in the Blue Mountains

    Dana and Kathleen traded in their soccer cleats for shoes more suitable for their adventurous elopement in the Blue Mountains.
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  • Two people are sharing a kiss in front of a vibrant floral backdrop. The person on the left has long pink and red hair, colorful makeup, and a gold top, while the person on the right has shoulder-length dark hair, glasses, and is wearing a green dress.

    A Stress Free Micro Wedding in Melbourne

    With just three friends, Halley & Jess hitched in Melbourne micro wedding venue, Zee Scott HQ, with cake, champagne and simple styling
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  • A queer couple sitting closely together outside a church in Denver, looking at the camera, leaning on one another.

    A (Last Minute) Courthouse Elopement in Denver City

    Angelica and MK planned their ‘perfectly them’ Denver City Courthouse Elopement in a week – because when you know, you know.
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  • A heartfelt moment where one bride wipes tears while reading vows during the wedding ceremony with the other bride holding back tears.

    A Perfect Elopement at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

    With a convertible mustang, these two married at Horseshoe Bend, Arizona and had a true adventure elopement.
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  • Sharing ‘Adventure Vows’ at their Iceland Elopement

    Eloping was a compromise. After legally marrying in Ohio, these two brides shared ‘adventure vows’ in Iceland – a windy, wild weathered (perfect) elopement.
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  • How Their Long Distance Relationship Built a Foundation

    Plenty of teary airport goodbyes built a solid relationship foundation for Brooke and Sam who married in a private ceremony, just them.
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