A DIY Nature Inspired Wedding in Hobart

After a three-year engagement, Amber and Bridget tied the knot in Hobart, Australia.

Tell Us About Finding The Perfect Wedding Day Outfit.

A & B: We both had arranged to get our outfits custom made. Although Amber found something else three months before the wedding date as hers was not coming together, piecing her look together with plenty of time.

Bridget persevered with getting hers made, but we got to ten days out, and it was still not getting to where she wanted it. In fact, it was getting worse with every alteration. So, with about nine days to go, after we scoured the minimal clothes shops Hobart had to offer, [and after dropping almost $3000 on online shopping, we are thankful for free returns!] Bridge finally found her outfit!

We also lashed out and bought matching denim jackets for the day, which Amber be-dazzled with custom “JUST” “MARRIED” on the back. 

How Did You Go About Finding The Perfect Venue?

A & B: We really wanted somewhere that was easy for our mostly interstate guests to get too, with plenty of accommodation and things to do close by. We also wanted a venue that we could DIY ourselves. It needed to be the right size. We wanted to have our wedding reception and after-party in the same place. But it couldn’t be too big as we wanted the feeling of a big dinner party.

So, You Did A Few DIY Projects?

A & B: Yes, we wanted our wedding to have that DIY vibe.

Amber is a cook and made our delicious white chocolate and vanilla bean wedding cake. We also had some friends, and Bridget’s sister make our arbor the day beforehand. We had found this big piece of driftwood months earlier at the beach near our home, and the girls used flowers and greenery we picked to make it. And we also made our wedding party boutonnieres, and I guess we did all our own wedding styling – sourcing everything from local vendors.

We committed to hand punching our own gum leaf confetti, which took six months. Bridge wanted confetti but was dead-set on something that would do-no-harm to the environment and wildlife in the area. So we made it happen.

In the end, we may have taken on more than we should. It took a lot of energy, and we ended up needing far more help from friends and family than we were expecting, but our wedding was so amazing. It was so authentically us, so it was definitely worth it.

We didn’t have a particular wedding day vibe in mind. However, we had some things we knew we defiantly did not want. Some things were essential to us.

Basically, we just went through and chose everything step by step as we went along, and it all came together in the end. We knew that using local vendors was super important, and our florals really became our main decorating point. We wanted colorful but straightforward, and that’s exactly what we got!

Tell Us About The Wedding Day!

A: I think for me, I was so overwhelmed with the feeling of love and support. I was blown away by the level of genuine happiness projected on us, and that carried throughout the whole day. The speeches were only meant to be a small part of the night, but they ended up being a highlight for both of us and all our guests. So many happy tears were shed, and it was a perfect dose of laughter.

B: I really loved our feast. Sitting down with all our most favorite people and breaking bread felt so good. It was always one of my wedding “must-haves” to have a sit-down dinner.

It was also the one thing Amber and I had differing opinions on.

I really had to put my foot down about it, and I think we are both glad I did because it was so much fun! It felt exactly how I wanted it to feel on the day, merry and humble.

I also really loved our band. They went above and beyond my expectation and made that period between the ceremony and reception flow so well. They stayed an hour longer because our caterers were late and dinner ended up being served an hour later than we had scheduled, and they also gave my Dad a free CD – such legends.

A & B: Our parents walked us down the aisle. We met at Amber’s family’s Airbnb down the road from the venue and walked there together, which came to be some of our favorite pictures!

After our ceremony, we went to the small park alongside the hall to get confetti’d by our guests and then mingle while being serenaded by our amazing band.

Drinks and the most glorious grazing table presented themselves, and we all got a bit silly in the sunshine.

Once dinner was ready, we made our way back into the hall for a fantastic meal, followed by speeches and then, of course, some dancing. Everything ran fairly simply, with only a few hiccups along the way.

Nina also got us to slip out once we had eaten for some ‘magic light’ pics as the sun was setting behind Kunanyi [Mt. Wellington].

Any Stand Out Vendors?

We are really glad we spent the time picking a photographer we really loved. The incredible Nina Hamilton captured our special day.

Receiving our photos was magic. Nina captured all the big and little moments and some extra special ones in-between. Seeing those moments in print helped us to re-live our special day all over again.

Did You Incorporate Any Traditions Into The Day?

A & B: Not really. We had the most incredible celebrant, Merren [Cinta Celebrate Love], who made our ceremony so unique and personal.

We did a binding of the hands, which is not a family tradition but may now become one.

And, What Does You’re New Relationship Status Mean To You?

B: Marriage, to us, means security. Our relationship has remained fairly steadfast throughout the years, and although we love being married, marriage itself hasn’t really changed things. It’s just really nice, introducing Amber as my wife!

Photography by Nina Hamilton

Cake Homemade by Amber
Catering Eten Catering
Celebrant Merren Wilkinson
Earrings [Amber] Toyah Perry
Entertainment Layts & JD
Florist Lisa Kingston Flowers
H&MU Brides by Kate, Amanda Joy Hair Stylist
Hire Salters Hire
Pants [Bridget] Tussah
Rings Courtney Jackson Jewelry
Shoes Gorman
Skirt [Amber] Bianca Spender
Sourdough Donuts Lady Hester Eats
Top Seed, Mossman
Venue Battery Point Community Hall

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