LGBTQ+ Real Love Stories

A collection of LGBTQ+ love stories that will make your heart explode. From the love stories about where it all began, engagements, and weddings to lovers navigating the journey to parenthood, these are real love stories that celebrate all things LGBTQ+ love and relationships.

Lesbian beach engagement proposal in Seattle Washington USA captured by Tori Osteraa Photography
Bri & Fiona

Dive into an emotive journey of love, transcending norms. ‘Uncharted Hearts’ unveils a queer romance that challenges conventions and celebrates boundless affection.

A Puerto Rico small lesbian wedding
Cherese & Valentina’s Journey of Love & Acceptance

Cherese and Valentina triumphed over challenges, embracing their love story with resilience. Their journey led to a cherished Puerto Rican wedding, a testament to their enduring bond.

A Berlin, Germany lesbian love story
Deidre & Paula’s Heartwarming Love Tale

Deidre & Paula’s chance encounters to enduring hardships, their bond stands as a testament to the beauty of love, resonating with anyone seeking a genuine connection.

An intimate lesbian wedding in Portland, Oregon
Long-Distance Adventures and an Intimate Wedding

From swiping right to an enchanting open-water swim, Abby & Shaina’s journey led them to an intimate wedding celebration.

A quirky vintage grunge wedding on the Gold Coast
Paige and Paxton’s Vintage, Grunge Wedding

Paige and Paxton break all the norms with their grunge and vintage wedding at Mobile Barber Shop Depot. From custom outfits to heartfelt moments, their day was authentically unforgettable. Join the tearful, laughter-filled celebration!

A trans-inclusive wedding captured by The Lavender Haze
A Love Story 18 Years in the Making

From high school sweethearts to a magical engagement and a wedding that celebrated Juniper & Lauren’s queerness. Join them as they share their 18-year journey of love, laughter, and finding the perfect harmony in each other.

A modern lesbian wedding after meeting on Bumble
Roller Skating, Wine Tasting, and Surprise Picnics

Discover Lauren & Mallory’s roller skating adventures, wine-tasting surprises, and heartfelt moments as they share the unforgettable journey of our proposals and wedding day.

A heartfelt queer elopement in Southwestern Ontario, Canada captured by Frances Beauty Photography
AM and Cody’s Intimate Wedding Story

Celebrate AM and Cody’s love story as they navigate the challenges of a pandemic wedding. From heartfelt vows to a cozy pizza party, their intimate day will fill your heart with joy and leave you inspired by their resilience.

A romantic military lesbian wedding
Stacey and Paulina’s Extraordinary Love Story

Join Stacey and Paulina on their extraordinary journey of love, where military life, undeniable chemistry, and a leap of faith brought them together. From a cheeky kiss to a breathtaking wedding day, their story will warm your heart and inspire you to embrace love’s unexpected twists.

An intimate and gorgeously simple lesbian wedding
Love, Surprises, and a Mountaintop Proposal

Angelica & Hayley’s beautiful story of how they went from swiping right on Tinder to a surprise proposal atop a mountain peak. Their journey of love and celebration is filled with precious moments, stunning scenery, and invaluable advice for planning your own unforgettable wedding.