Queer Family Stories

A collection of (heartwarming) LGBTQ+ family stories from around the world. From family planning, the fertility journey, stories of adoption, step parenting and everything in between.

  • The couple sits on a path, cuddling and smiling at each other, with their golden retriever puppy lying nearby.

    Expanding Their Family with a Dog

    Brandi and Carley decided to expand their family, with a dog – Finley has been the perfect pup and has brought them together as a couple.
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  • One partner sits on the counter, laughing, while showing ultrasound images to the other.

    Falling Pregnant After Multiple IUI and IVF cycles. 

    After trying multiple IUI cycles, they tried reciprocal IVF, but still no luck. It wasn’t until their 10th try that they’d fall pregnant.
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  • At Home Insemination with Mosie Baby

    After falling pregnant at home with a known donor and the help of Mosie Baby, Sora and Riss had a maternity photoshoot at home.
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  • Being Diagnosed with PCOS After Trying At-Home Insemination with Donor Sperm

    After trying at-home insemination with donor sperm from a Californian sperm bank, there was a PCOS diagnosis. And the IUI journey began.
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  • Two women crouch down to hug a toddler who is smiling widely, all three dressed warmly, outside among bare trees.

    Reciprocal IVF Using a Known Sperm Donor and Pregnancy Loss

    Despite the heartbreak of a lethal prenatal diagnosis, Kristina and Molly continued their journey toward motherhood with reciprocal IVF with a known donor.
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  • Annie & Kiite – A Queer Pregnancy Announcement

    This colorful queer pregnancy announcement, at an amusement park, celebrates Annie, Kiite and their growing baby girl.
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  • Brandie & Lisette

    These two lovers prove that while love might have challenges, it’s only ever connected them deeper and reminded them to slow down and enjoy a long healthy life together.
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