• Terms To Use When Bride or Groom Don’t Feel Right

    These are alternative terms to ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ for lovers who feel like they aren’t a good fit for them on their wedding day
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  • Two brides in coral dresses laughing and twirling indoors.

    Minimal Bright and Colorful Elopement Inspiration

    Full of vibrant colors, and colored wedding dresses, this styled elopement is proof you might need to know that weddings shouldn’t have rules
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  • Wedding Budget Allocation Template

    A flexible wedding budget allocation template designed to simplify your planning. This calculator will help distribute your budget across your wedding
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  • A table set for a wedding, with lush floral arrangements in warm colors, flanked by tall, white candles, against an exposed brick wall. Two Thonet-style chairs with dark finishes face the table. The setting conveys a romantic and elegant atmosphere, lluminated by soft ambient light.

    How to Say No to a Wedding Vendor

    At some point, you’ll have to let a wedding vendor know you’ve chosen not to work with them – here’s some copy-and-paste scripts to help you.
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  • Two queer women, one in a suit and the other in a wedding dress, are holding bouquets and touching foreheads in a corridor with exposed brick and a white wall.

    Wedding Suits & Tuxedos For LGBTQ+ Women

    If you’re looking for a wedding suit as a woman, nonbinary or queer person, here’s a roundup of the best suiting options around the world.
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  • A same-sex couple and a young child sit closely on the grass in a forest setting, with one parent affectionately kissing the child's head.

    Married to a Man, But in Love With a Woman

    Figuring out your sexuality isn’t ever an easy journey; and at one point, Kayla found herself married to a man with feelings for another woman.
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  • A close-up of a handwritten love letter with two wedding rings on top, near a blurred background of flowers on wood.

    25 Prompts for Writing an Epic Love Letter

    If you’re stuck trying to write a meaningful love letter to your partner, here are 25 prompts to get you started on your creative journey.
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  • Love letter with "be mine" written on it, resting on a white envelope and a green surface, with white feathers on the side and a red background.

    How to Write a (Romantic) Love Letter

    Writing a love letter is about crafting something personal, but it’s hard to get started. This guide will bring out your inner romantic.
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  • How to Walk Down the Wedding Aisle as a Same-Sex Couple

    Some wedding traditions don’t always translate directly when planning a same-sex wedding. The ‘walking down the aisle’ part is one of them.
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  • Bold, Vibrant Carnival-Inspired Elopement (With Bouncehouse!)

    The colorful styled editorial celebrates queer love, and creativity. It’s bold, has balloon installations, a cotton candy dessert station and a jumping castle.
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