Queer Weddings

A collection of (amazing) LGBTQ+ weddings from around the world.

  • The brides share a kiss at the end of the ceremony, surrounded by applauding guests in a beautifully decorated venue with string lights and greenery.

    A Wedding that Incorporates their Chinese and Jewish Backgrounds

    Inspired by love for cozy dinner parties, this wedding was hosted at The Foundry, and was a blend of their Jewish and Chinese backgrounds
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  • The couple shares a joyful moment, holding hands and smiling at each other during their outdoor ceremony.

    An Earthy Outdoor Wedding in Edmonton, Canada

    Allyson and Jenya hired a wedding planner for their rustic, nature-inspired, outdoor wedding in Edmonton, Alberta.
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  • The brides stand forehead-to-forehead, holding hands in front of a backdrop of trees.

    A Wedding Weekend in Bear Creek Lodge, Idaho

    Bear Creek Lodge was the perfect spot for this wedding weekend. Where the two brides worked with inclusive wedding vendors.
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  • The brides, both wearing floral crowns, share a tender kiss outside the rustic cabin, illuminated by natural light.

    Micro Wedding at a Vegan Cafe and Animal Sanctuary 

    Inspired by native Australia, this rustic micro wedding, at a vegan Cafe and animal sanctuary, was…
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  • Two brides kiss on a rocky lakeshore of Lake Superior, with trees and turbulent water in the background.

    A Small Wedding by Lake Superior at Big Bay State Park

    Jordyn and Miranda used a wedding planner to plan their small wedding on the shores of Lake Superior, in Big Bay State Park.
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  • The brides sharing a kiss after their ceremony, one bride holding a vibrant bouquet.

    A Modern Luxe Wedding in Austin

    Surrounded by their chosen family, Haley and Angel turned a blank space in Austin, Texas, into a modern luxe wedding.
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  • Whimsical Forest Wedding at Camp Cedar Ridge

    They chose Cedar Creek Lodge for their rustic outdoor wedding weekend with a macrame arbor backdrop and a colored wedding suit.
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  • The newlywed couple walks hand in hand, smiling and looking at each other affectionately. The bride is in a strapless white gown, and the other bride is in a blue suit with a white boutonnière. The guests are seated in the background, with floating bubbles enhancing the festive atmosphere.

    Coming out to a Conservative Christian Chinese Family

    When they first met, Lisa (she/her) was a Bible study leader and coming out to her conservative Christian Chinese family wasn’t an option. Years later, they ran into one another.
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  • A bright and festive photo of a wedding ceremony with guests applauding. The newlywed couple, one in a white lace wedding dress and the other in a dark suit, are holding hands as they exit the altar, surrounded by friends and family.

    A Arty Relaxed Wedding with Food Trucks in Miami

    Backyard wedding vibes, food trucks and no assigned seating, lounge sets for comfort, paired with a great DJ and cookies instead of a wedding cake
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  • A couple holding hands and walking through a group of people who are celebrating and throwing confetti. The person on the left is wearing a white ruffled dress, while the person on the right is wearing a sparkly black suit. The scene is outdoors with other guests in the background.

    A Retro Disco Wedding on a Farm

    An Epic, Queer, Retro meets Disco Wedding on a farm? Yes, please. With plenty of DIY projects, this fun alternative wedding was brought to life.
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